HopeSS: Christ, the End of the Law


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Wednesday: The Goal of the Law

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(Rom. 9:30-10:4)

The title for this week’s lesson comes from Romans 10:4-Christ is the end of the law (NKJV). Many who have been preconditioned to think negatively about the law automatically interpret the text to mean, Christ made the law obsolete. However, this reading goes against the many references in the book of Romans and other parts of the New Testament that discuss the continued relevance of the law.

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Read Romans 9:30-10:4. How is Paul explaining here […]

07: The End of the Law – Lesson Plan


Key Thought : Being obedient to the law is not in conflict with grace. Loving obedience is the result of receiving God’s grace in our lives, not the means to salvation.

[Lesson plan for Christ, the End of the Law May 12,2014]

1. Have a volunteer read Galatians 3:19-24.

a. Ask class members to share a thought on what the most important point in this text is.
b. What law was added because of transgressions? What is the Bible definition of sin? […]

Tuesday: O Wretched Man!

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(Rom. 7:21-25)

Read Romans 7:13-25. How are we to understand these verses? Is Paul talking about an unconverted man, or is this the experience of the converted? What reasons can you give for your answer?

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If you were unsure as to whom these verses refer, you are not alone. Theologians also have wrestled with this question for centuries. The person described here is someone who delights in the law of God (hardly sounds like a nonbeliever) […]

Monday: Law and Grace

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(Rom. 6:15-23)

One of the most difficult concepts for Christians to comprehend is the continued role of the law for the one saved by grace. If a believer attains righteousness by accepting the sufficiency of the life and death of Jesus, why is it still necessary to keep the law? This question provides another opportunity to repeat a key point: the law was never intended to provide salvation; its function (after the Fall) was to define sin. Yet, the Cross doesn’t […]

Sunday: Where Sin Abounded

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(Rom. 5:12-21)

Though it points out sins, the law is powerless to save us from them. That very powerlessness, however, shows us our need for Jesus, the only solution for sin.

Read Romans 5:12-21. In what way is the message of God’s grace revealed in these texts?

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Notice in this passage the constant association between sin and death. Time and again they appear in immediate relationship with each other. And that’s because sin, the violation of God’s […]

Sabbath: Christ, the End of the Law

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Read for This Week’s Study: Rom. 5:12-21, Rom 6:15-23, Rom 7:13-25, Rom 9:30-10:4, Gal. 3:19-24.

Memory Text: For Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes (Romans 10:4, NRSV).

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A well-known magazine ran a full-page ad with a headline that read: Achieve Immortality! (we’re not kidding).

In a sense they were kidding, because the ad went on to say, To find out how you can […]

Inside Story: A New Life

Moses Ntekereze
courtesy of CG Office of Adventist Mission

Ten-year-old Moses stared out the airplane window at the large city below. This would be his new home. What will it be like to live in the United States? Moses wondered. Will I make friends here? Will I even be able to talk to them?

Moses Ntekerezecourtesy of CG Office of Adventist Mission

For as long as Moses could remember, his family had lived in one refugee camp after another in central Africa. His home had been a plastic tarp […]

Friday: Further Study: Christ’s Death and the Law


Further Study: Ellen G. White, It Is Finished, pp. 758-764, in The Desire of Ages.

The law requires righteousness,-a righteous life, a perfect character; and this man has not to give. He cannot meet the claims of God’s holy law. But Christ, coming to the earth as man, lived a holy life, and developed a perfect character. These He offers as a free gift to all who will receive them. His life stands for the life of men. Thus […]

Justification: Just Declared Right or Made Right?

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While working as a supervisor for a world-wide delivery company, I had an employee who was just a few minutes late every morning. I asked my supervisor what I should do to get him to be on time. His answer shocked me. “Change his start time a few minutes so he will be on time.”

At first that did not seem right to me. Why change the standard to make a wrong person look right? My boss explained to me that […]