“That’s Why I’m Here!”


The late evangelist Ron Halverson told a story of him knocking on a door one night in Harlem, New York. A young woman answered the door. She had grown up a pastor’s daughter, but had become a prostitute. The woman looked at the Bible in Halverson’s hand and said, “I’m not interested!” Quick-witted Halverson responded as she … [Click to read more …]

HopeSS: The Unlikely Missionary

Derek Morris 14d

You can view an in-depth discussion of “The Unlikely Missionary” in the Hope Sabbath School class led by Pastor Derek Morris. (Adobe Flash Player version.) A Youtube version of this week’s lesson at Hope Sabbath School is below. You can download the video, the MP3 audio, and the lesson outline from the HopeTV Sabbath School … [Click to read more …]

Wednesday: The Healing of Naaman

Naaman Washes in Jordan

Read 2 Kings 5:11-14. What does this account teach us about Naaman and some of the lessons he had to learn? What can we take from this for ourselves as well? Had the prophet Elisha personally met his prominent guest Naaman and employed exorcising gestures accompanied by magic formulas and other rituals so common in … [Click to read more …]

03: The Unlikely Missionary – Lesson Plan

Image © Lars Justinen Goosalt.com

Key Thought : God doesn’t always use the faithful and dedicated church members to witness for Him. He has used proud and boastful men and cross-cultural witnessing as well in presenting the plan of salvation. [Lesson plan for The Unlikely Missionary July 13, 2015] 1. Have a volunteer read 2 Kings 5:1-7. a. Ask class … [Click to read more …]

Tuesday: Elisha the Prophet

Naaman and Elisha's Servant

The ministry of the prophet Elisha in the ninth century B.C. comes to us in a series of 18 episodes, extending over more than fifty years. His ministry was conducted mostly as the head of the school of the prophets and was largely public. It included displays of signs and wonders at both the personal … [Click to read more …]

Monday: An Unlikely Witness

Naaman's Wife and Servant

Read 2 Kings 5:1-7. What is going on here? Why would the Syrians even have listened to what a captive slave girl had to say? What might be the hidden implications of what transpired? The Bible gives us no real details of how this young girl acted in the home, but it’s clear that there … [Click to read more …]

Sunday: He Had It All . . . But

Worried King

Now Naaman was commander of the army of the king of Aram. He was a great man in the sight of his master and highly regarded, because through him the LORD had given victory to Aram. He was a valiant soldier, but he had leprosy (2 Kings 5:1 NIV). This verse contains no fewer than … [Click to read more …]