10: Discipling the Nations – Hit the Mark


Today we visit the Museum of Discipleship. We’ll take a stroll through the displays showcasing the legends of the gospel proclamation. Each room houses priceless treasures belonging to the heirs of salvation. Of particular interest today will be our visit to the Discipling the Nations gallery.

You’ll notice, as we make our way to our destination, the various hallways of honor. The Wall of Courage contains many of our Bible heroes. Joshua, David, Gideon, Moses, Joseph, Paul and Noah are just [...]

10: Discipling the Nations – Thought Starters

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[Thought questions for Discipling the Nations March 5, 2014]

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1. “My house…of prayer for all nations.” When you find a place in your church this Sabbath for the worship service, will you think of yourself being in a “house of all nations”? How do the intense efforts of the evil one to separate us from one another in every possible way give proof to God’s far-reaching plan to draw us together in love for Him? How could it [...]

10: Discipling the Nations – Lesson Plan


Key Thought : We need to join Christ in overturning the racial, ethnic, and language barriers that hinder the gospel presentation..

[Lesson plan for Discipling the Nations March 3, 2014]

1. Have a volunteer read Luke 4:25-30.

a. Ask class members to share a thought on what the most important point in this text is.
b. What was Jesus saying here that made the Jews in the synagogue so angry with Him?
c. Personal Application: Why is it easier to focus on our [...]

Authority and Individual Conscience

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Sunday’s section of this week’s Sabbath School lesson states that “Over the long centuries, people have struggled to understand the role and function of government and how citizens should relate to it. What gives rulers the right to rule?”

It is worthwhile for all of us to think about the role of government and our individual responsibility – not just secular government but church government as well.

Former United States President Richard Nixon defended himself in the Watergate scandal, by telling reporter David [...]

09: Discipling the Powerful – Hit the Mark


I saw it the minute I pulled into the parking lot of a large, modern church building. There in bold letters was a clear indication of the spirit of this church. You’re probably thinking I am referring to the church marque. It’s usually there where a church makes an attempt to share a little of the personality of the greater body. Witty sayings or service times along with the head pastor’s name are typical. But that’s not what caught my [...]

09: Discipling the Powerful – Thought Starters

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[Thought questions for Discipling the Powerful February 26, 2014]

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1. Introduction.  Have you ever thought of yourself as powerful? Have you ever held a position of authority that led others to think of you as powerful? When you were a youngster, did you ever long for a position that would place you as the person in charge? As Christians and therefore followers of Christ, are we given the special skills needed to share God’s love [...]

HopeSS: Discipling the Powerful


Current lesson of the Hope Sabbath School class led by Pastor Derek Morris. (Adobe Flash Player version.) A Youtube version of the Hope Sabbath School “Discipling the Sick” is below. You can download the video, the MP3 audio, and the lesson outline from the HopeTV Sabbath School Site.

09: Discipling the Powerful – Lesson Plan


Key Thought : The wealthy, world-loving souls can be drawn to Christ, but they are the most difficult to access.

[Lesson plan for Discipling the Powerful February 24, 2014]

1. Have a volunteer read Romans 13:1-7.

a. Ask class members to share a thought on what the most important point in this text is.
b. Why should the Christian submit himself, or herself, to governments, police, or bosses on the job if they are not being honest, fair, or nice? Share your [...]

Simon Says: “You Can Prevent Clergy Sexual Abuse!”


They call me Simon the Pharisee. “Simon” means “hearing.” In accordance with my name, I heard the call of Jesus and became a disciple after He healed me of leprosy. Candidly, the physical disease symbolized the deeper spiritual disease from which Jesus also delivered me. I was guilty of clergy sexual abuse, a practice that fed on my Phariseeism like crustaceans feed on sewage.

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Clergy Sexual Abuse has been in the headlines for a few [...]