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Sabbath: Christ, Our Priest — 4 Comments

  1. This week's lesson is comes as a wakeup call for me - especially since it shows me unfithful I am despite CHRIST's continous sacrifice for me. I really need prayers

  2. In my mind, when I think of Jesus, my High Priest, I visualize Christ bending over the soil and sculpting man. Christ takes the body in His arms, and breathes life into Adam. As a gift, He creates Eve and gives her to him. When they sin, Christ seeks after them and tells them, it's going to ultimately be okay. I'm going to paying the total price for you to return to My Father's house.

    Before they were led into an earthly time-out, He taught them how to build an altar, and sacrifice a lamb on it. It was His blood that would pay the price for their entrance. I'm sure they hoped as they shared the promise with their children for generations, that it would only take a few days, weeks or even years. They died with the hope, but it wasn't fulfilled in their lifetimes.

    Jesus kept His promise, though. He came through as the sacrifice. He paid full price for us. Now as Priest, He presents His blood before the Father. His blood is the receipt showing full payment for our entrance into His kingdom. As Priest He ever lives to present "PAID IN FULL" receipts for His children. Not once has He abandoned His children, not once has He left us, ever. He kept His promise about the hard stuff, the suffering and all. Now I know He'll keep His promise about the celebration stuff, and dinner at a table He set for the nations!! I don't care if James and John sit on either side of my Savior, I just want a seat where His face is clearly seen.

    Just for a look at my wonderful Creator, He could've scribbled over the two human mistake-makers and started over. I'm so glad He decided to give Himself, as a ransom for me. It's because of His total sufficiency, I will be able to look into His eyes and see Him, like Adam opening His eyes for the first time. I want to see that loving gaze from my Creator.

  3. It occurred to me while reading this lesson that God in his omnipotence can complete the Day of Atonement(yearly ministry)in a single literal day. He is more than able to bring everyone's name before His Father in a single day and then come through the skies to claim His own and bring an end to sin and Satan. The fact that He has not and that the Day of Atonement which began in 1844 still goes on, shows His AMAZING, AMAZING LOVE AND MERCY because He wants as many as possible to be saved.

    Thank God that to Him "a day is like a thousand years" and I pray that I do not take for granted or spurn his mercy as I live in these solemn last days. May we all take heed of the urgent times in which we live and do our best to be ready and help others to be ready. God bless you all.

  4. Its gives me a true leaning to christ,knowing Jesus is working on my side for me to have an internal life though sinful iam.


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