Wednesday: Christian Marriage

Humans are social beings.

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At home and work, and in public and civic places, people are involved in all kinds of relationships. Responsible Christian behavior ought to be evident at all these levels, and the Bible has relevant principles by which to guide these relationships.

Study the following Bible passages in order to come up with a biblical definition of marriage: Gen. 2:21-25Mal. 2:14Eph. 5:28.

To define something is to provide its meaning. Today it is said that marriage is difficult to define because the meaning of marriage differs for different people, times, and cultures. The Bible, however, has no such flexible idea of marriage. According to the Bible, marriage is an institution put in place by God, in which two adults of different gender covenant to share an intimate and lasting personal relationship. Biblical marriage is marked by an appreciation of the equality of the male and female, a deep bond of unity where goals are blended and a sense of permanence and faithfulness and trust. As with a relationship with God, the relationship between a husband and a wife should be sacredly guarded.

Of course, as we know all too well, marriage, even within the church, has become something that’s often treated lightly. People enter into a union that they believe God has created, and then, when things get rough, they stand before a human judge who, through man-made laws and rules, separates what God has united. We all know that something is terribly wrong with this picture; yet, as a church, we struggle with what to do in these situations.

Together with issues of polygamy, cohabitation, divorce, remarriage, and the practice of homosexuality, what challenges of human sexuality can you identify in today’s society? What biblically based counsel can you bring to bear on these issues?

Adultery, fornication, and pornography abound in society today, and these are hardly the worst of things that are out there. Nevertheless, God continues to look on human failings with compassion and tender mercy. Yet, these practices remain failings that can be overcome through the grace of Christ. Therefore, redemptive efforts must aim high in order to attain God’s ideals – as opposed to seeking to justify and excuse sin through a host of excuses and cultural qualifications.



Wednesday: Christian Marriage — 6 Comments

  1. With the evil evident in today s time, young people are often discouraged even by married people themselves and parents, to get married. And reasonably so. However its so wonderful to be reminded that marriage was created by God, despite satan s efforts to ruin it. Young people need to consult The Creator before such a union and always.

    • I agree that many times due to poor marriage examples many are discouraged when contemplating the step. However, a lot can be done during discussion groups, and even from the pulpit to guide people toward a lasting, bonding, christian marriage. Unfortuantely once the initial marriage consultation ends many times the only thing heard is gossip about a marriage being on the rocks, and nothing done indivually or corporately to assist those in need. There needs to be a specific emphasis on the basic differences (beyond anatomical) between man and woman, the psyche, emotions, communication (listening and talking), eye contact, etc. Consultation falls very short when the only thing emphasized is: "ye must not be unequally yoked". And yes, it should be foremost in consultation and in the marriage relationship: That it (marriage) was ordained by God and as a result two should become "one" as He has stated (Matt. 19:5). It can be done if He is the Head of the Home!

  2. It is clear that the Bibles predictons of subtlety regarding satan and sin prevail due to the way (so called) churches openly demonstrate and encourage apostacy by supporting the world to live in ways that go against the bible (ie; not keeping Sabbath accordingly, gay marriage and more) Can it be identified please where the bible instructs on marriage in terms of explicitly admonishing the unity of two people of the same gender

  3. Marriage is a beautiful institution. God always knows what His children needs. A marriage that is buttressed by God will always thrive, regardless of inevitable challenges. To each happily married couple: I know you share my sentiments that marriage is glorious. To those who currently has challenges: Seek the intervention of The Lord constantly, remember when you were in love, ask The Lord to appoint a mediator, and remember that you have God who rose Lazarus from the dead...NOTHING, is too difficult for Him. Let us pray one for another.

  4. Let me join the previous coments to say this regarding marriage. The bible is cristal clear on the subject and it is a disputable facts. God did not create two guy men or lesbians. God created one man and woman. Marriage is between two entities of different genders coming together to form the union. Marriage is a college that married couples enter never to graduate out of it untill death do them parted.

    • I like that, marriage being an institution of learning, loving, sacrifices, compromise etc never to be graduated.However, always progressing from freshman to professorship. The greatest tutor of this institution is GOD.
      Marriage gives us the ability to be truly like GOD. Being ONE! It allows us to exercise that truly self-renouncing love. This amplifies our ability to be like Jesus, it not about me.....its all about you. That self sacrificing love, while being a beacon of light unto this world. Marriage create within us the best christians. The 2 great commandments on which all the laws are hung......Love the Lord with all you heart and love your fellowmen likewise.


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