Monday: Confidence in the Face of Evil

In today’s world many people laugh at the idea of a literal Satan.

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In their mind, he’s a myth, a holdover from a superstitious and prescientific era. They feel that good and bad are simply the random consequences of cause and effect; or, in some people’s minds, good and bad are only culturally constructed concepts relative to specific times and places, nothing more.

But the Bible clearly asserts that Satan is real. And it is often to his advantage in some parts of the world to hide himself or even allow himself to be mocked in the form of a red devil with horns. The caricature goes a long way in making people think he’s not real, which is exactly what he wants. (“The devil made me do it!” one comedian used to famously mock.)

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5. Though the challenges to our faith are out there, Paul expresses hope. On what is that hope based, and what is the condition upon which we can be certain to claim it? See also Luke 10:25-28Deut. 8:1.

Paul begins this passage with a request for prayer (as in 1 Thess. 5:25) that the gospel will spread rapidly and be honored through his work. Paul also wants them to pray that he will be delivered from evil men (2 Thess. 3:2). The expression here implies that he has in mind specific individuals whom the recipients of the letter might even know.

Paul follows this with a word play (2 Thess. 3:23). Not all men have “faith” (trust in, or commitment to, God), but the Lord is “faithful” (dependable-one who inspires faith and commitment). This faithful Lord is dependable and will guard them against the evil one, or Satan. The good news is that, though Satan is more powerful than we are, the Lord is more powerful than Satan, and we can find safety and power in the Lord.

Paul ends this passage (2 Thess. 3:45) by once more commending the Thessalonians and offering a prayer in their behalf. He is confident that they are doing what he has asked and that they will continue to do so in spite of the opposition of Satan and the people he inspires. He offers a “wish-prayer” (2 Thess. 3:5) that the Lord would direct their attention to “the love of God” and “the patience of Christ” {NKJV).

Even amid trials and suffering, Paul’s letters are always so full of faith, hope, and certainty. How can we learn to have this faith, hope, and certainty for ourselves, regardless of our often difficult circumstances?



Monday: Confidence in the Face of Evil — 12 Comments

  1. Today's lesson verse closes with Paul's wish that the "Lord may direct us to the love of God and the patience of Christ." Remembering how God has led us in the past, and having prayer partners who will unite with us in prayer will give us confidence in the face of evil. This will renew our commitment to Him and we will choose to be faithful to Him in our daily walk. Let us encourage each other in the Blessed Hope.

    • In this uncertain world, people of faith have lost hope in the promises of God. To some degree, it' understandable yet, as we look prayfully and carefully at God's word, prophecy is being fulfilled. This is cause for rejoicing and greater confindence in His word!

      • I alway pray that I will be a positive influence for change within the faith. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith lest no man take our crown.

  2. By emulating the people who have had such temptations, i.e job and even Jesus himself suffered great physical and spiritual temptations but were victorious.

    • Sometime I ask myself if I am ready to face the temptation of Job and Jesus. To be victorious as them we have to let the Holy Ghost dwelling within us. Jesus stated in Rev 3:20 Behold I stand at the door and knock, but we have to let Jesus into our heart (mind) to live there.

  3. Of ourselves, we are incapable of withstanding Satan's cunning; only through the grace of God and His might and power, can we overcome. "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me"(Phil.4:13). We need therefore, to keep a good relationship with Jesus, through prayer and study of the Scriptures. May I also respectfully point out, some of the phraseology of the lesson study, is a bit flowery and high-flown for me, I have trouble in understanding it sometimes. Could it perhaps be aimed more at those who do not hold a degree in Theology? Please?!?

    [Moderator's Note: The Sabbath School lessons are produced by the General Conference Sabbath School Department. We copy them and post them in a web format by permission. We do not alter any of the contents of those lessons. The articles that are posted by individuals, on the other hand, are the responsibility of the individuals which we edit for readability.]

    • Jennifer, there is an "easy reader" version of the Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly. However, it is only available in print, not online, so far as I know. You can get it at:

    • This is true, none of us can withstand the wrath of Satan by ourselves, we have to be standing with Jesus. Satan is so cunning he brings 99.9% of truth and 1% lies, but it is still lies. He knows the scriptures more than any one of us. All our battles and evidences must be based on "thus saith the Lord", or "the bible says so", using it in its right context at all times.

      If you can obtain E.G. WHITE NOTES for the Sabbath School Lessons this helps us to understand the Sabbath School lesson better.

    • Jennifer,
      There is an easy reader version of the Sabbath School lessons online:

  4. This is my 3rd culture exposure as a Seventh Day Adventist. I realized if we do not, and personally if I do not take time for personal devotion, prayer, reading the bible and withnessing for Jesus, I will be swept away with false doctrine.This is not only from outside, but inside of the church. People have been converted to the message but came in with what they were taught in other churches. They do not want to give up the old teaching, but cling to them. The author stated "though the challenges to our faith are out there," but I will say we were already warned the greatest challenge to our faith will be from inside and not outside. Brethren let us be constant in prayer and knowing Jesus as our personal savior.

  5. Prayer is the only weapon that keeps us walking with God. We need to keep that relationship with Him going and growing at all times in our daily activities in the walks of life. By so doing I'm sure we will keep that faith strong in Him and hope going that He shall come again and if we dn't allow temptations to distract us we too shall see Him. Amen


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