Sabbath: Creation and the Fall

Read for This week’s StudyGen. 3:1-15;Matt. 4:3-10;Col. 2:20-23John 3:17Rev. 14:6-7.

gless06Memory Text: “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel” (Genesis 3:15, NIV).

A comic used to play a woman character called Geraldine. In one monologue she was a minister’s wife who had come home with an expensive new dress. Her husband (also played by the same comedian) got angry. Geraldine then shrieked in response: “The devil made me buy this dress! I didn’t want to buy the dress. The devil kept bothering me.”

That was supposed to be funny. But our world, and the evil in it, shows that Satan is no laughing matter.

For some people, the idea of the devil is an ancient superstition not to be taken seriously. Scripture, however, is unequivocal: though Satan is a defeated foe (Rev. 12:121 John 3:8), he is here on the earth, and he is determined to wreak as much havoc and destruction as possible against God’s creation.

This week we’ll look at Satan’s original attack and what we can learn from it so that while we are still under his assault, we can claim the victory that’s ours in Christ.

Study this week’s lesson to prepare for Sabbath, February 9.



Sabbath: Creation and the Fall — 11 Comments


  2. The question is,can science prove to us where is the origin of the evolutionary materials like the gases if God did not create them?Let us believe in the bible alone as a standard of reference

  3. Genesis 3:15 tells us how truly God loved us. It shows us the results of going against the will of God. It tells how much power we have been granted to destroy satan's program. God give us power to give Satan a death blow, this means no matter how clever he is in Jesus name we can overcome his tricky way. He has no power to attack us directly he lay traps and if you are spiritually sleeping, bad for you. Before you realize it you are inside his territory.

    • The way I understand it, Satan had come to the place that he had enmity/hatred towards God, after being cast out of heaven.

      When he succeeded in getting Adam and Eve to listen to him, rather than God, he thought he now had them on their side, since they had sinned and thus were in an "enmity" position towards God.

      But God thwarted Satan by promising that Adam and Eve could once again be on God's side by having "enmity" towards God. Through the power of grace, they could be free from Satan's slavery and again be children of God.

  4. Satan is a wise liar. If Jesus was not contented with the bible, he was going to be tempted.
    So fellow Christians, the only way we can stop satans temptatations is knowing the truth, how?.....through reading the bible tirelessly, while also seeking Gods guidance.

  5. Since the Bible tells us that satan is clever,and at the same says Jesus defeated him,we can be highly assured that through Him(Jesus),we have already become winners.So trust Christ

  6. By the Great Deceiver(lucifer/satan) we fell, we failed to please the Creator,if you were Adam or Eve with your character now, would you have eaten the forbiden fruit?


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