Tuesday: Creation in the Book of Job

Read Job 38:1-21. Note the creation topics in the following verses.

Image © Providence Collection from GoodSalt.com

Image © Providence Collection from GoodSalt.com

Job 38:4-7

Job 38: 8-11

Job 38: 12

Job 38:16

Job 38:19

It’s important to remember the context of the book of Job. Great tragedy struck, and Job was struggling to understand how this could happen to him, a faithful follower of God. In chapter 38 up through chapter 41, the Lord continues to talk about His creative power, all in response to Job’s pained questioning.

Read carefully Job’s response to the Lord in Job 42:1-6. Why did Job respond as he did, and what can we learn from his response that could help us to trust God in our own personal tragedy?

Job’s inability to explain features of the Creation led him to recognize the greatness of God and to trust Him, despite everything that had happened. We also find ourselves unable to answer many questions about the Creation, and Job’s example should encourage us to trust God, no matter what. Many questions about everything in life will remain unanswered, at least for now. We will have an eternity to get explanations for what now seems incomprehensible.

The point is that through the marvels of creation—which we today understand so much better now than Job ever could—we should learn to trust in God’s incredible love and power.

We, today, living after the Cross, have a view of the Creator also as our crucified Redeemer, something that Job never had, at least not as clearly as we do. How much more, then, should we trust in the Lord’s goodness toward us, knowing what He did for us?

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Tuesday: Creation in the Book of Job — 15 Comments

  1. Job just like David understood that God is the Creator. Job even went an extra mile in explaining that we human beings and our home, this earth, were created after the creation of angels. When God was creating, angels sang and the sons of GOD shouted for joy. Job38:7. we get a glimpse of the realm of GOD from the above verse because angels are mentioned as the morning stars and other beings from the other worlds created by GOD mentioned as the sons of GOD. Remember God created worlds according to Hebrews 1:2. Ask if you didnt understand.

  2. How often do we find ourselves not knowing how to explain the wonders of the universe because it is beyond our grasp but at the same time are filled with awe and wonder for all that exist within our universe that are there in perfection and harmony with each other. In such times we can come to the realisation that indeed everything in the universe that exists has an creator. It is designed and created to be out there in existence. It has a purpose to serve. Job and David had experiences that made them realise and appreciate the creation of God in their lives and in wonder and awe related and shared these with us. I think that through experiences of learning and study of the origins of the universe can the knowledge of the Creation be fully grasped and believed.

  3. I understand from where the above 2 comments seem to come. Still, I know we can truly understand only little about the Creation. We can look and be amazed, but we cannot understand everything with our finite minds. I think that is what Job felt as God presented those questions. Thank God that He lets us see how big, capable and loving He is. We can relax in the knowledge and faith that He will take care of things no matter how bad they look to us in our current time.


      This is the song I wake up to this morning. I think of how he created us, with the type of minds we have. He gave us the capability to think, and reason. I can hear the workings of our minds as we talk about his mighty creative work described in Genesis, in Job, in Psalms, and many places in the bible.

      He doesn't mind our wonderings and questions because he made us to be able to think (which puts us a step above the animals) with common sense.

      The difference is that when we obey the Lord, the Holy Spirit is in charge of our reasoning, so God will not let us to get lose in our reasoning. We can talk to God, and about God, ask him questions, and he will answer our questions. He wants us to know about him. He doesn't mind when we try to put the puzzle together. We have the WORD OF GOD as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. As long as we trust his WORD, it will be there for our learning.

      The creation chronicles are God's way of getting our minds ready to receive much, much more about him. We are beginning to learn here on earth, and will continued when we are with our Father, our Savior, and our Friend the Comforter in heaven and the earth made new.

      In addition to giving us the ability to think, he also provided evidence of his work through the creation of all things around us so we would want to know more. I believe that when the time comes, and we are in the earth made new, there will be so much more for us to learn about our Mighty God! Sin just delayed our journey with God. When we all come together again, we will continue the story of God's goodness.

      I love learning about how fearfully and wonderfully made we are, and that he created me with so much potential to be in his image. I love reading about the care he took in preparing this world for mankind. Look at all the love he put into his work, WHAT AN AWESOME AND LOVING GOD WE SERVE!!!

  4. As human beings who were carefully and wonderfully designed by God, we need to appreciate His hand work..just as David and Job who witnessed and were not shy to tell!!

  5. God words are powerful we cannot fully understand god all what job said at long last he got to know that you can't understand god we need to trust god

  6. How appropriate is Job's experience in this lesson for us!
    From time to time we are assailed with the temptation to doubt God's major purpose to our lives. Just having a deep understanding about God's power envolved in the creation and the unfathomable misteries that shrouded it is enough to help us deliver all our problems in God's hand. We should say like Job, "Although He kills me, I will trust in Him."
    Our heavenly Father never abandons his children to suffering and grief. He is always there as well as He was with his beloved son Job.

  7. Just like Job we don't know everything. Those people who believe in evolution think they can explain everything, and if they can't, what God says isn't true. GOD is the creator of everything! I think that since humans don't know everything, then we should not question God. God made us!

    • Many of the thinking evolutionists that I have read do not claim to know and/or explain everything. The big question is "Why did it happen?" and evolutionists typically admit that they are not in a position to answer that one. Much of the current research and thought modelling is directed to filling in the gaps in their knowledge of what has happened. The main driver for the Large Haydron Collider (LHC) is the search for an understanding about the beginning of the cosmos. (Hey, wouldn't you like to have a turn at driving that machine!)

      I am not phased out by this search. I do not believe that God is hidden in sub-atomic particles. God is evident in my life and the lives of other Christians, in a way that is different to scientific evidence. The search in the innermost recesses of sub-atomic particles, or in the outer reaches of distant galaxies may help us to appreciate God but they do not explain Him.

      God has made us to be curious. He does not mind us questioning him. Problems arise, however when we think we know all that God wants us to know. I have never tired of asking questions of, and about God. It has been an amazing journey. I am glad I am a scientist.

  8. It's difficult to explain the extent of God's creation with our finite minds. But I have learnt and appreciate all of the wonderful things God made. As humans we tend to doubt God when we go through a bad or unfortunate situation. However I am encouraged that God is all powerful and I know that He wants a personal relationship with me. That's deep! That's how great the God I serve is. Let Him be praised for his magnificence.

  9. The book of Job outlines the order & the adequacy of God's creation and how as humans we should trust God and fully depend upon his providence because anything else is perilous

  10. God indeed is the creator and there is no doubt about that. our continues trust in him will give us joy.

  11. Job realises that God is love and cannot hurt His own children. Job understood that it was not God that afflicted him with that terrible disease, that it was the enemy and Job repented. That's what we as christians should do, in any situation we find ourselves, we should know that God is in it with us and at is own time He will deliever us from it. For we have all sinners. May God help us. Amen

  12. In relation to the topic "creation in the book of Job" Job served as a good example that we should not question our loving God for the problems and difficulties that will happen to us. Why we worry we are only made by God, He has the control of everything because He is the creator and I believed that our creator will not allow bad things will happen to his creation...


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