Monday: Creation in the Psalms

Read Psalm 8. What links do you find with Genesis 1?

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Read Psalm 104. Note how this psalm praises God for His goodness as seen in both Creation and providence. Identify the links with Genesis 1 in the following verses from Psalm 104:2

Psalm 104:5-7

Psalm 104:7-9

Psalm 104:14

Psalm 104:19

Psalm 104:25

Note how the psalm’s topical sequence seems to be crafted to follow the topical sequence of Genesis 1. Poetic imagery is vividly presented throughout the verses, and its message clearly includes the power, wisdom, and goodness of God and the dependence of all the Creation on the Creator. Nothing in the psalm hints that the Genesis account was not to be taken literally.

Note the following examples from the Psalms that correlate with Genesis 1. Ps. 24:12

Ps. 33:6

Ps. 74:1617

Ps. 89:11

The Psalms are full of praise for the Creator. Sometimes this is expressed in language reminiscent of Genesis 1, other times the language is more general; but in all cases, the description of Creation is consistent with Genesis 1 and reminds us of the foundational role of Genesis in our understanding of our origins as sons and daughters of God.



Monday: Creation in the Psalms — 6 Comments

  1. Each and every chapter in Psalm's praise the creation story one way or another.
    I think it is important to mention the the creative power of God while we pray each time.

  2. King David's psalms r truly inspired.we out to compose songs not out of pleasure bt keen observation of his word to avoid misconcemptions.
    Psalms 47:7

  3. People should praise God for all he has done for them.He created them and gave food and water and clothes and more than I can count.Stop spending too much time on your Ipads and Iphones and praise him! He loves them!
    I love to praise God!

  4. i would say amen! when i meditate and see how wonderful god is we should give him praise everytime .thank u jesus for your goodness and mercy

  5. As already pointed out in psalms every chapter talk of God's powers and creation. This shows that our God is loving and caring look at how He made life to be dependent on one another trees uses carbonedioxide and release oxygen while as animals uses oxygen and releases carbondioxide. Think about this

  6. We must always exalt our God for the marvelours things He has done. We should praise Him in His work of creation. If we have the opportunity to visit our president, the first thing is praise him, in his good works before any request is made. How much more a wonderful Creator. I strongly believe like Psalms we ought to praise God and mention His greatness of creation in our prayers.


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