Thursday: The Cross in History

Have you ever noticed that world history is divided by one event? That event was not the rise or fall of some major empire, as one would expect. Nor was it the discovery of a new continent. Instead, world history has been divided by the birth of a single itinerant rabbi living in a relatively obscure part of the vast Roman Empire. Considering the vast number of Jews born at this time, it’s even more revealing that this one birth, among so many, should be the marker that has divided world history into its two largest epochs.1

That birth, of course, is of Jesus.

In the context of God and history, we can better appreciate the significance of salvation. For here, at the Cross—with the obvious failure of all humans and thus human history—is where the background and also the deepest meaning of world history unfold. The Cross tells us that, by forgiving us and making us His children, God has opened up a new future for us, a future in which we no longer need to drag along with us the enormous guilt of our past or of our personal history. This guilt has been taken away by One who “has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows” (Isa. 53:4, NKJV).

The whole doctrine of salvation can be expressed in this one sentence: God cancels our hopelessly stranded history and in its place put His history. Through Him, the history of slavery to sin is ended in our life. Through Him, the stains of the past should not rise up to accuse, torment, and mock us. Our personal history, which would condemn each one of us, is replaced with Jesus’ perfect history. Thus, in Him we find not only liberation from our past but the promise of a wonderful future. At the Cross, the Lord guaranteed that, whatever our history or whatever happened in world history, a new and glorious future awaits us and the world.

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17–19. What are these verses saying that Jesus did for all humanity? How has this event changed human history?  

Our sins have been laid upon the shoulders of a Lord who willingly died beneath a load of human guilt and who, in its place, gave us salvation. And His promised climax of history will grant us eternal history with the Author of history. The destiny of every person is involved. The second coming of Christ will be decisive. Both the Old and New Testaments promise a “new heaven and a new earth.”

If you have accepted Christ, how should your future be different, now that your past history won’t be used to condemn you, no matter how much you deserve to be condemned?



Thursday: The Cross in History — 4 Comments

  1. I cannot help but be thankful, to feel worthy that Jesus would leave His throne in heaven to die for me. The good news is that each person can say the same thing, that Jesus died for him/her. Isn't it amazing that because of His death we can have eternal life instead of being condemned to die eternally. Romans 6:23 makes it clear that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. Only Jesus could have made it possible for us to become heirs of the kingdom because only through his death on the cross could we be saved. Thank God for His wonderful gift of life. Let us continue to worship, and adore the wonderful name of Jesus.

  2. Dear Sir, I want to know about the Cross. What is the meaning of the Cross, what is it's value? How much is it essential for human beings, Please write about Cross History.

  3. Hello ishwar. i am not the one who wrote this passage on the cross or a sir, but may I please comment to you? The cross in itself, by itself , was just a construction of wood. It was Who was on it that makes it the most wonderful gift in the world.

    I cannot comprehend The Creator of EVERYTHING willingly dying for His creation which is in rebellion, but it happened. There is nothing in our human experience that can even come close to what He does for us. All we can offer is repentance, and give up our life so He can live in us. And for that He grants us life with Him forever! Wow! I can never outgive Him. Knowing He Who died on the cross, is the difference between a mere small existence and a joyful eternal life filled with love. Halelujah! 🙂

  4. "Jesus did not come to men with commands and threatenings, but with love that is without a parallel. Love begets love; and thus the love of Christ displayed upon the cross woos and wins the sinner, and binds him repenting to the cross, believing and adoring the matchless depths of a Saviour's love."

    - Ellen G. White, Confrontation, p.73


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