Thursday: End-Time Holiness

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:23, 24.

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What does it mean to be “sanctified wholly” and “preserved blameless” at the coming of the Lord? Shouldn’t we be that way, even now?

In today’s passage Paul returns to the language of prayer. His style is similar to that of 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13. His main theme is also similar: being found blameless in holiness at the Second Coming. Paul makes a transition here from what the Thessalonians are supposed to do (1 Thess. 5:12-22) to what God does in us (holiness) and for us (the Second Coming).

Believers have often disagreed as to exactly what this text says about the nature of human beings and the kind of character they can expect to have when Jesus comes. In our brief encounter with this passage, we will focus on what can be said clearly on the basis of this text.

Paul is saying that what God does in believers is to extend throughout the entire person. Every part of the believer’s life is to be affected by sanctification as the return of Jesus approaches. In speaking of “spirit, soul and body,” Paul was not attempting to be scientific and precise about various layers of the human person (in biblical thought mind and body are a unified whole, not parts that exist separately). Rather, he was expressing that every part of our mind and body is to be submitted to God. God is to be allowed full control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Paul’s prayer extends from the present time to the Second Coming. Believers are to be preserved, or kept blameless, until the coming of the Lord. Paul is praying that the completeness of their dedication to God will be maintained all the way to the end. According to this letter, the Thessalonians were far from perfect, but what they did have was worth preserving until Jesus comes. As much as anything else, then, Paul was praying that they would continue to grow in grace through a relationship with Jesus (see also John 15:4-6).

In what ways can you, and should you, be preparing every day for the Lord’s return?



Thursday: End-Time Holiness — 7 Comments

  1. Many are times we believe can sort out our own problems the way we understand best only to fail and fall short of Gods glory. Daily submissions to God, allowing him to lead all our undertakings and sacrificing what we think we know best to Him will make our paths safe and live holly lives for Jesus.

  2. I believe the heavenly Father is now sealing His elect with the Holy Spirit those that are keeping God's commandments including observing the Sabbath. You can do this by praying, reading the bible daily and living righteously daily. May God bless you.

  3. By prostrating ourselves not so much literally as in spirit, before the Lord. He can make the changes in our life that we in and of ourselves could never make or even want to make. (Phillipians 2:13) "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure!" When we keep a consistant check-up of our reflection in God's mirror (His Word) then and only then can we see what changes must be made to be a carbon copy of Christ, and thats what we must become through the Power of the Holy Spirit! Daily submission and through out the day, along with much prayer and studying is the only path and hope of a Christian. (To all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, be blessed, you're in my daily prayers and I asked the same from you!

  4. Being sanctified is to have good and Godly thought always, each day and each moment. Meditating on God's scriptures, having much thoughts about the heavenly sanctuary and asking ourselves whether our names are written in the book of life.

  5. Paul is admonishing us to die daily to self and be submissive to His will. We reform our lives and tell others to reform, that is sighing and crying for the abomonations happening in our churhes, only then can we be eligible for the seal that qualifies us to be holy.


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