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  1. The truth is the truth and there is no other. But everyone lives a different reality, phisically, mentally, spiritually, socially. And these influence the way one thinks, understands and reacts. That is a fact. Two or more people may even be reading the same thing, in the same language, but the meaning of what is being said is not always perceived as it was originally communicated! We all place our experiences into what we receive, and of course into what we give. Besides being something logical and of rational choice, isn´t it possible that all of our understanding of the truth may be influenced by who we are? First of all, in order to receive more light we need to be looking and open for it. Like empty vases waiting to be filled with water, we may be limited in holding concepts and knowledge. Do we need to undress ourselves before God everyday in order to be covered by Him with new clothes? Or we just add things on top of each other and stop being able to move freely?

    I need to pray for a new mind and a new heart, and I also believe that I have to do this everyday. But I know I am limited, my experiences hold me back, my memories, my marks. Thank God that He can get everything I have and rearrange! Thank God that He is able to make me new! This is the perfect miracle!

  2. 1. As for rebaptism being required, won't that be up to the conviction of the one being accepted into the new understanding they now have received? I've seen some convicted of the need while others were not. The Holy Spirit will lead all who seek the will of God with all their heart.

    2. How to answer this 2nd question? What about Jer 17:5? “Cursed be the man that trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm, who's heart departs from the Lord.” Paul did not rely on the approval of anyone but his Savior and Lord. Jesus taught that the way that leads to life(Truth) will be found by only a few. So it matters not the profession of the man, but his obedience to the Truth. So if you follow truth at each step, any who don't will be your enemies, even if they are a pastor or conference president, or even of your own family. Paul's enemies did not understand the truth, and thus believed he was undermining their idea of “truth”. What would Jesus say? “What is that to you? You follow ME”.

    3. What is there to argue about the Sabbath? Just share the very words of the Lord from Sinai and the words of the Lord from the mount of blessing. If they don't believe in Jesus, they won't believe you no matter your many sound arguments, as Daniel wrote: “none of the wicked will understand”. All the best “arguments” over the Sabbath issue will not stop the coming persecution against all who honor the day of God's commandment. Our duty is to teach the Gospel in the light of God's Law, and all who accept Christ will accept His day of Rest.

  3. God use Paul mightily.He also use us mightily. Truth is the greatest power the earth has. Christ is the truth. Let us continue to give our hearts, so Christ can fill us with His truth.

    We have to follow God through good and evil times Psalms 23. His grace will make us will if we give Him our hearts so He can will in us to do according to His good pleasure. Phil. 2:13.

    Peace and Love from Jamaica


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