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Friday: Further Thought – Comrades in Arms — 7 Comments

  1. Before sin, God's creation was perfect. Sickness, pain, demon possession and death were not at all part of the Creator's plan but are a direct controversial response to His flawless handiwork, as are storms and hurricanes and other "unnatural" disasters that disrupt the tranquil calm of human life on earth. These are the works of the evil one who claims that he is the "prince of this world" and God allows it, because of who He is by character.

    Therefore, the forces of good and evil will contend until the Master sees fit to bring and end to these things and the great controversy will be over. That end will come when Jesus returns to take His children home, out of this terrible existence as we now know it. John saw the beautiful picture of God's recreation of the heavens and earth and the extinction of pain and sorrow and crying and yes, the dying of death and the destruction of sin (Rev. 21).

    Most of you know this one, I think:

    No more night, no more pain
    No more tears, never crying again
    Praises to the great "I AM'
    We will live in the light
    Of the risen Lamb.


  2. Discussion questions:

    1. Jesus Himself died as a criminal though innocent, others in His service lost their lives at the hands of the wicked. For the faithful, life does not end in death, but the promise of the resurrection is made sure through a living Savior! God could save all from troubles in this life, but we can accept by faith all that He allows for “all things work together for good...”!

    2. The reasons for faith are God's promises. We believe God's promises because He has proven to be faithful. Jesus' death secures every promise for those who believe and follow Him. He is our surety.

    3. Jesus invites all to follow Him with the promise to dwell closely with every trusting soul who receives Him as Lord and Savior. He is no respecter of persons but can only receive those who demonstrate faith through repentance(Rev 3:19-21).

    • I would also reference Romans 2:4. God is in the business saving lives. It isn\'t one size fits all. God uses every possible way to see our way through the Heavenly Portals. What is lacking? As Paul put it, Faith, 1Thess.3:10.

    • Mkama, I would recommend reading a story in the inside Story titled. This Is Your Last Opportunity. It is about a Satan Priestess. A practicing devil worshiper. A medium. Who over many years, would use evil spirits to accommodate anyone that wanted some type of spell. But Jesus has other ideas in spite of many years of stubborn opposition. It is well worth reading about the Love of God to draw us to him in any possible way that He can. It really impressed me. It is somewhere near page #105. I peeked ahead.

  3. God usually allows suffering with a view toward restoration and formation of character, for unbelievers it is used to bring them to know him. For Believers it is for our Growth and to bring us closer to him. We see GOOD and Evil fall upon Believers and Unbelievers alike. But only a Believer can make sense out of its Purpose. Paul who suffered more than any other Apostle wrote ROMANS 8:18-21." For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the Glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of GOD." One day we will Thank GOD in Heaven for our Trials on earth. Until then lets learn to Discipline ourselves to endure them with Faith, knowing he is the Rewarder of those who Diligently seek him in times of Peace, as well as in times of Adversity. AMEN!


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