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  1. If the only thing we have gained from the study of this weeks lesson, is an affirmation of the Seventh-day Adventist position on the judgment, we have perhaps missed the point of the lesson. I am not saying that Seventh-day Adventists are wrong, but as I suggested early in the week, we can be a bit complacent in our contentment that we have got it right. That in itself is a reason to study these passages with our eyes open for a new understanding.

    Many of you will know the story of Lindy Chamberlain, a Seventh-day Adventist in Australia who was wrongly found guilty of killing her daughter Azaria and imprisoned as a result. Many Seventh-day Adventists fought long and hard for justice. In particular, two of my scientific friends worked for a long time to provide convincing forensic evidence that Azaria was killed by a dingo (wild dog). Not long after Lindy had been freed from jail, I attended a meeting where a judge from the Australian High court spoke. He commended Seventh-day Adventists for the loving support and hard work that they have done to ensure justice for Lindy and the Chamberlain family. Then he went on to challenge us to think about carrying on the work, not just for those regarded as "one of ours" but for others who were denied justice. He left us with the sobering thought that Christians should be concerned about justice and mercy in a wider context than just for ourselves. it was a challenging thought and I know quite a few listeners that day had been expecting the accolade of having done a good job but were a little chagrined by his challenge. Maybe we need to apply this idea to the study of Revelation.

    We have often interpreted Revelation with the view that faithful, the remnant, the saints, the persecuted are us. History reveals that the Dragon, the Beast, the Image of the beast, and Babylon have coerced, persecuted, tortured anyone to ensure they retain control and power. Original Babylon captured and controlled not only the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah but most of the other nations on "the fertile crescent" of the east. Pagan Rome, controlled Israel as well as most of the other nations around the Mediterranean and much of Europe as well. Papal Rome, used persecution and inquisitions to enforce its power on not only other Christians but Jews, Muslims and even one another. The really big sin of all of these powers was their use of coercion and persecution to secure their control over others. In particular, the papacy, having evolved out of the embryonic Christian church, completely replaced the fundamental principles of love for God and one another, with force and fear. It was not that they forced their control on the faithful, but they did it to everyone.

    The good news is that there is a judgment and that ultimately we will be given back our freedom of choice that Satan and his agents have tried to take away from us. Does it make sense to see this wider picture of the battle?

    Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.Eph 6:11-13 NKJV

    • Thanks for this more comprehensive picture which is consistent with the criteria Jesus uses to separate the sheep from the goats in the end (Matthew 25:31–46). It is noteworthy that Sabbath-keeping isn't even mentioned.

      Great works will not save us (1 Corinthians 13:1-13).

      It's interesting that as a rule-keeping Pharisee, Paul characterized himself as "blameless" (Philippians 3:6) but as a converted Christian described himself as "chief of sinners" (1 Timothy 1:15 KJV).

      • May I add the other side of the equation. I believe the other side of the equation is vital too. Yes Great(good) works cannot save us, neither can love, only our hand remaining on Christ, who only can save. It is note worthy that Paul says, just because we are saved by faith/grace does not mean we go out and sin(selfish, self centered, refraining from doing good for others benefit, not sharing our message with others, is sin also). Romans 6:1-2. Christ implied and set the example of the importance of doing good works throughout the 4 gospels, which is an expression of love for God. No works cannot save us, but the other side of the equation is a reflection of our relationship with Christ. Good works helps us spread the three Angles message.

  2. Mystery? Why are there not any comments on the Image of Beast? It has been given power. It causes people to be killed. It causes people to receive the Mark of the Beast.
    Five times John makes statements about those who did or did not worship the Beast and his Image - why include the Image? Do people have an option?

  3. Who is preaching the three angels’ messages other than Seventh-day Adventists?

    This is a pretty fair summary answer to the question.

    What if we rephrase the question to "who is sharing - via they way they live their daily life and they way they interact with others that they come into contact with in the course of each day - the nature and character of the Kingdom of God as the only hope for a world dominated by greed, abuse, and other forms of 'steal, kill and destroy?"

    What would the answer to this question look like?

    • Relevant question Phil, and it is actually hidden deep within the original question which those seeking the truth as hidden treasure will find, by the help of the Holy Spirit. Yet, it seems to be presented as only a veneer of truth. This is why we must each "plow" deeply if we expect to find the treasure hidden in the field of labor, and then go to sell all in order to possess it. So easy to let trivial things keep us from this deep work.

      The quarterly must be the diving board, and not the pool.

  4. 1. Doesn't this observation help us see the true meaning of Rev 10:11? If we would be found faithful, these 3 angels comprise our message to the world. They are given in symbols that students of God's word will understand so that they can give the correct message for this hour.

    2. This teaching of scripture on judgment is not accepted by those ignorant of the scriptures. Most who profess to believe in Jesus prefer popular “truths” and only want to hear: “Peace, peace!”, though there is no peace without repentance and faith. See also Isa 4:1.

    How to help others see the truth of the judgment? Lead them to know and trust God's Word. We must be actively sowing the good Seed in a living demonstration of God's Law written upon the heart.

    3. This particular belief on the Sabbath will work as did the golden image in Daniel 3. Every soul will need to make a choice to act upon, and all will know the choice we make. No hiding one's true loyalty at this time. We either trust God or we don't, and this test will reveal this(Mal 3:18). To stand true in that hour will require a willingness to sacrifice one's life for truth(Ps 50:5, Rev 13:15).

  5. On Monday and Tuesday when we studied the 1st angel's message similarities between Revelations 14:7 and Exodus 20:11 were pointed out. It is not by coincidence that Revelations uses the earth and the sea as reference points for where the kingdoms of the devil arise.

    In Revelations satan tries to take over heaven and fails. He comes to the newly created world and establishes his kingdom. Revelations uses the beast from the sea (7 heads and 10 horns), and the beast from the earth (lamb like beast). God is saying that He has ultimate jurisdiction over all these domains that satan has tried to lay claim to. As as the lesson so wonderfully pointed out this makes Him the only being worthy of worship. No other entity in existence is worthy of this worship.

    If you go farther and look at the inclusion of springs of water in Revelations 14:7 in the context of Revelations. The woman that rides the beast has the nations drinking from her golden cup of abominations. Drinking from a cup represents influence. Jesus once had a conversation with a woman at a well in John 4 about drinking. In John 4:14 Jesus says He gives water that will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life. This points out that the false teachings of the devil will lead to death instead of life that comes from the true springs of water that can only come from the Creator, God. Only by following His Word and the guidance of His Holy Spirit can we gain eternal life. Acts 4:12 says it best.

  6. Do a poll/survey in your SS class or church, by show of hands, to see who thinks they know what the gospel is. Up front..let them know that they won't have to say it verbally..just to get more responses. Then read this SOP, EG White quote to them and see how they react.
    "The gospel is the good news of grace, or favour, by which man may be released from the condemnation of sin, and enabled to render acceptable obedience to the law." Bible Echo 1894

    • Jn 3:17, Gal 6:8 and Rom 6:23 are Bible verses that similary substantiate the notion that it is sin that condemns people - not God.

      The dominant metaphor describing God within scripture is healer yet Satan has inspired the dominant metaphor to instead be that of an executing ‘judge’.

  7. Here is something to consider for this lesson. The Holy Spirit is thought police. Spirit led Christians are Earth cops.
    Prophets and Jesus were law enforcement individuals.

    See IS 55:7 and 2 Cor 10:5

    • Hello Jim Bob, Perhaps “enforcement” is inaccurate? It seems that enforcement, coercion, manipulation are tools of the enemy of our soul, and our salvation. My personal understanding of God’s methods is that He presents the truth and evidence in love, giving us the freedom to determine for ourselves how to respond to the invitation of the Holy Spirit. I am convinced we have the power to choose what to believe...but, what I believe has power to influence my acts. If I believe that God enforces His will on me, then I may be inclined to join a compliance committee to make sure everyone else “obeys”. Conversely, believing God is love...will define my acts...including church (body of Christ) discipline.
      The God of unconditional love is attractive...not condemning.

  8. As time move,we have to fear God and give glory to Him , because the second coming of Jesus Christ is near ,as we see all over the world and on media it’s mean something but people don’t open their eyes .


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