Further Study: A Perpetual Ministry

Planning to Continue and Grow Your Ministry

Everyone involved in a witnessing and evangelism ministry should give attention to how he or she can make it a continuing ministry rather than a once-off event. There are many things we can do to ensure this. We will review a few of the vital ones.

  1. Be comfortable with sharing leadership rather than being a one-person band. Maintain a team approach where both the work and the affirmation are shared.
  2. Do whatever you can to keep the importance of your team’s ministry before the church. This will include regular reports to major evangelism committees, bulletin inserts, newsletters, notice board posters, and requests for budgets.
  3. Be on the constant lookout for people you can personally invite to join your team or to form another team. If someone volunteers to join your team as a result of your activities and reports that is fine; however, it will be better to personally invite people instead of sending out a general invitation for volunteers.
  4. Regular training events are a must, especially concerning witnessing and evangelism activities

Discussion Questions:

 1  In class, go over your answers to Tuesday’s final question. 

2  “We are to be channels through which the Lord can send light and grace to the world. Backsliders are to be reclaimed. We are to put away our sins, by confession and repentance humbling our proud hearts before God. Floods of spiritual power are to be poured forth upon those prepared to receive it.”—Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 8, p. 46. What is needed, and why, to help bring people back into this church and the wonderful “present truth” message that, in fact, no one else is preaching to the world?  

3  When people leave, let’s love them, let’s keep in touch, let’s not judge and call them “apostates,” or, even worse, let’s not hurl at them Ellen White quotes about people falling away. Instead, let’s use these sad experiences to, as Paul said, “examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith” (2 Cor. 13:5) and ask what we might’ve done differently, if anything, that could have helped keep these souls among us. Most important, let’s not do anything that, should they change their minds, would make it harder for them to come back. How can we as a church apply these principles toward those who have, for whatever reason, left us?



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  1. I like to learn more about the Sabbath school lesson so I can able to share to the churches that I have been assigned to.


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