Further Study: Creation and Morality

According to Scripture, Adam was the first man and was specially created future_studyfrom the dust by God. Our understanding of the origin of morality is founded in the origin of Adam. Biblical concepts of morality are, then, inseparable from biblical concepts of origins.

Recognizing Adam as the first human also refutes the possibility that any fossils were ancestral to Adam or other humans. From where, then, did these fossils come? Several other possibilities exist.

First, the humanlike fossils might be forms of humans with normal intelligence but with growth patterns unlike any present-day human. A second possibility is that the fossils may have been degenerate, due to their own lifestyle or environmental stress or other factors. A third possibility is that they may be the results of Satan’s direct attempts to corrupt Creation in ways we do not understand. Another possibility is that they were not humans but were similar in morphology. Different people may prefer different explanations but, because we do not have direct evidence to settle the matter, it is best to avoid being dogmatic in our speculations. Fossils do not come with labels attached that say, “Made in China 500 million years ago” or the like. Our understanding of earth history, which varies greatly among scientists, provides a frame of reference within which we interpret fossils, but we do not have proof of our interpretations. They are, in the end, only that: interpretations, nothing more.

Discussion Questions

  1. Think through the implications of what it would mean if there were no Creator who imposed a moral order on humanity. Where would moral concepts come from? Many people who don’t believe in God nevertheless do hold to some strict moral standards. On what basis, other than God, might a person be able to develop a moral code? What are some possible scenarios that they could come up with? What, though, would be the ultimate weakness in them all?
  2. How does our view of Creation inform our opinions regarding current issues such as euthanasia, cloning, abortion, etc.?
  3. A local citizen who volunteered his time to give tours at the Nazi concentration camp of Dachau began the tour by talking about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, implying that Darwin’s theory led to Dachau and the like. What’s the obvious logic of that line of reasoning? In what ways might it be flawed?


Further Study: Creation and Morality — 6 Comments

  1. it's bibilical that the world we are living is aged 6,012yrs, How comes that scientists name a fossil 1million yrs? It's hard to corrupt creation theory.

  2. Scientists base the theory of evolution on mutations of DNA. However, mutations are rare, and most often lead to abortion or degradation - not improvement. At the calculated rate of helpful mutations (maybe leading to improved ability to adapt to the changing earth), the human DNA, of 3 billion base pairs, would have required hundreds of BILLIONS of years to evolve from pond scum - a number even the scientists are unwilling to accept. About the same probability of obtaining a Swiss watch by throwing rocks into the air.

  3. If God created earth and all that is in it, now who created other planets?
    2: God created man and created the weakness in him, why did he made the trea of knowledge knowing very well the weakness of man? Did God wanted man to sin intentionally?

    • When God created man, he created him his image and in the image of God he created him, meaning, that he created a perfect human being. God hedge of protection is his law, Adam and Eve were protected by God's Law and they understood it very well, they therefore were not weak according to Genesis Ch. 1. By chhosing to eat from the forbidden tree,it was a matter of choice not weakness, this is shown from the very present day life situations that we live in. We simply choose what to do (selfishly).

  4. The scientists use what they call carbon dating , which is based on the the age of the rocks .
    Remember the earth itself was already here before creation as it was void and covered with water but life was only created when our God was ready to carry out his plan of salvation .


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