Further Study: Jesus, Provider and Sustainer

Further Study: “Yet men of science think that they can comprehend the wisdom future_studyof God, that which He has done or can do. The idea largely prevails that He is restricted by His own laws. Men either deny or ignore His existence, or think to explain everything, even the operation of His Spirit upon the human heart; and they no longer reverence His name or fear His power. They do not believe in the supernatural, not understanding God’s laws or His infinite power to work His will through them. As commonly used, the term ‘laws of nature’ comprises what men have been able to discover with regard to the laws that govern the physical world; but how limited is their knowledge, and how vast the field in which the Creator can work in harmony with His own laws and yet wholly beyond the comprehension of finite beings!”-Ellen G. White,Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 114.

(See also, Ellen G. White, “Laws of Nature,” pp. 259-261 in Testimonies for the Church, vol. 8.)

Discussion Questions

  1. Read carefully the Ellen White quote above. What is she saying? In what ways do we see many scientists today doing exactly what she says?
  2. Modern science today is much better than it used to be at explaining, through natural means, why certain things happen or why they don’t. The problem isn’t with “natural means” or “natural laws,” but with the idea that these means and laws are all that exist—that there is nothing, and certainly no supernatural forces, ultimately behind them. What’s wrong with this assumption? Why, logically, does it make no sense (ask yourself, Where did these laws originate from?), and why is that idea so contrary to the most basic teaching of the Bible?
  3. How does the image of creation as a musical instrument provide a more accurate picture of God’s relationship to the creation than does the image of creation as a machine?
  4. What other examples can you find in Scripture where God caused special events in what we would consider to be merely “forces of nature”? See, for example, 1 Kings 19:1112.
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Further Study: Jesus, Provider and Sustainer — 5 Comments

  1. All nature, visible and invisible, all its knowledge depicted from the science of men lie under the sovereign control of Jehovah. We can't comprehend that which is not revealed to us. Our one and sole role is to worship him who made all this. By this, our relationship is proved strong and durable and so is our whole life. BLESSED SABBATH.

  2. Evolutionists today have had a great deal in confusing the Lords People. All the technology, inventions are to counter attack and in disregard of God's work. The reason why it fails is because they don't believe God exists that's why their missions are always suicidal, for instance damaging of the ozone layer (Global warming) are all workings of man with Avandetta to improve Gods work but in the end the eco system is compromised that's why the world is in great suffering, turmoil, wrath created by them weapons of massive destruction. However these are all signs of the time, the world is coming to an end.

  3. Yes, we may know much more than we did over 100 years ago. Still, what we don't know is nearly infinitely more. Our leading scientists, doctors and discoverers still have only barely scratched the surface of the secrets of science as God has set them up and keeps them going. I am glad I can just leave science to Him. However, I do enjoy learning what I can and taking time to think about His Creation. I love to wonder at His skill, wisdom, creativity and power!

  4. The Lord is awesome. He is the creator of all things and created out of nothing. He has hodden things from us which we will only come to grips with at the sea of glass when Jesus comes again to take us away from this world of sin. Men have increased in knowledge than 100 years ago, but yet still, God is God and we cannot comprehend the depth of His grace and mercy. Nature testifies of God's power and science ought to augument God's creation rather than create confusions.

  5. I am so much in awe at what I see in creation now. What an amazing God!

    Can you imagine the flawless "in the beginning" creation?


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