Further Study: The Day of the Lord

“With unerring accuracy the Infinite One still keeps account with the nations. future_studyWhile His mercy is tendered, with calls to repentance, this account remains open; but when the figures reach a certain amount which God has fixed, the ministry of His wrath begins. The account is closed. Divine patience ceases. Mercy no longer pleads in their behalf.”—Ellen G. White, Prophets and Kings, p. 364.

“Before the worlds unfallen and the heavenly universe, the world will have to give an account to the Judge of the whole earth, the very One they condemned and crucified. What a reckoning day that will be! It is the great day of God’s vengeance. Christ does not then stand at Pilate’s bar. Pilate and Herod, and all that mocked, scourged, rejected, and crucified Him will then understand what it means to feel the wrath of the Lamb. Their deeds will appear before them in their true character.”—Ellen G. White, Testimonies to Ministers, p. 132.

Discussion Questions:

  • Some of the people in Zephaniah’s time did terrible things against both the Lord and their fellow countrymen, while others were just complacent as such evils unfolded. Which of these two sins do you think is worse in God’s eyes? Justify your answer.
  • Go back over the final question at the end of Monday’s lesson, where these words were quoted:
    “Nothing is apparently more helpless, yet really more invincible, than the soul that feels its nothingness and relies wholly on the merits of the Saviour.” What does it mean to rely “wholly on the merits of the Saviour”? How do these words reveal to us the great truth of salvation by faith in Christ alone, and why is that truth so central to all that we believe? If we do not rely on His merits, on whose merits can we rely?
  • Why is it so easy, especially for those who live in wealth and comfort, to forget just how utterly dependent we are upon God for everything that we have? How can we protect ourselves from this fatal delusion?
  • Dwell more upon this idea of the Lord singing and rejoicing over His people. We tend to think of ourselves singing and rejoicing over God and what He has done for us. What does it mean that He sings and rejoices over us? How could that be, considering the rather pathetic state in which we all find ourselves?


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    In reflecting on the thought of being wholly dependent on Christ, I am reminded that I am nothing without Him. Water, food, air, and shelter are all blessings that only He can supply. The maladies of this earth -only He can heal. I like to be reminded that only Christ can keep the promise of "Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow". These thoughts ebb me on on our Christian journey.

  2. The day of the Lord shall be a great day for those who accepted Him and bad day for those who rejected Him. Is my prayer to live with Him. I hope is your prayer too.

  3. The Day of The Lord is atwo way event,for the evildoers it will be sorrow even those who tend to keep the Sabbath only and they do not obey His commandments are not excempted,only the righteous shall have areason to smile about the day of the Lord,l wish to be in the safe side to evade the wrath,and you?Happy Sabbath.

  4. I feel that to rely on the merit of the Saviour is to recognise that there is nothing I can ever do to be justified or deserve salvation. As I come to appreciate my predicament I realise that I have the opportunity to turn my life over to Christ and allow him to go to work. Now I am no longer reliant on my inadequate efforts but on Christ's redeeming power, no longer reliant on my "good works" but on His righteousness. Through Christ we are justified and for me that's not good news, that's great news!


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