Thursday: Grace and Judgment in Eden: Part Two

In Genesis 1 and 2, God utters declarative statements (or imperatives) such as:

Image © Steve Creitz from

Image © Steve Creitz from

“Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven. . . . Let the earth bring forth living creatures. . . . It’s not good for man to be alone.” All these declarations deal with Creation, and with establishing humanity in that Creation. As we saw yesterday, the next declarative statement recorded in the Bible occurs in Genesis 3:14-15, in which the Lord offers humanity the gospel.

Thus, in Scripture, God’s initial declarative statements deal with Creation and then with redemption—and this redemption occurs in the context of judgment itself. It would have to. After all, what’s the purpose of the gospel, what’s the “good news,” if there were no judgment, no condemnation from which to be spared? The very concept of “the gospel” carries within itself the concept of condemnation, a condemnation that we don’t have to face. That’s the “good news”!

Though we have violated God’s law and though God will judge those violations, in Christ Jesus we are spared the condemnation that this judgment would, inevitably, bring.

Creation, gospel, and judgment appear not only in the early pages of the Bible but in the latter, as well. Read Revelation 14:6-7. In what ways are these verses linked to the first three chapters of Genesis? That is, what parallel ideas are found in all these verses?

In Revelation 14:6-7 we see a declaration of God as the Creator, a key theme in the opening pages of Genesis. In Revelation 14, however, the “everlasting gospel” comes first and then is followed by the announcement of judgment, as in Genesis 3. Judgment is there, but not before the gospel. Thus, the foundation of our present—truth message has to be grace, the good news that though we deserve condemnation we can stand pardoned, purified, and justified through Jesus. Without the gospel, our destiny would be the same as the serpent’s and his seed, not the destiny of the woman and her seed. And, fascinatingly enough, this great news appears even in Eden, in God’s first declarative words to a fallen world.

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Thursday: Grace and Judgment in Eden: Part Two — 8 Comments

  1. Our missionary message should include the Gospel first followed by judgement. We cannot have the latter precede the former, nor can we preach the one without the other. God has laid His perfect example, we need but follow.

  2. I am so thankful that there is both Grace and Judgement. We need them both in order to end this sin problem forever. I am most thankful for Jesus Who is Creator, Redeemer, Advocate, Judge and Lord!!

  3. This is where we need to draw a line between evolution and creation. God's purpose for man was to live forever in obedience to Him. But when man chose to be independent of His creator, this made entire heaven sorrowful. On the other hand the devil rejoiced at the instagation of man to turn against His creator so as man to assume the depraved nature that the devil has and accuse God's government as being responsible for what had become of man.
    But Inspration brings it out claer (PP pages 44-71) that man in his innocence was warned of this foe, how he rebelle against God's governmnt, how he was expelled and what his mission was.
    Further, they were warned what would become of them if they obeyed him. From here we can already see the love of our creator. He was His people before judgement is prounouced upon the.
    When we go back to Old Testament, there we find several warnings and reproofs to His Chosen nation Isreal through His Prophets before judgement, Why, He does not desire to see His creation to go to ruin,His desire is for All He died for to receive salvation and vindicate His Holy Name form the assultas and accusations from the devil of being a vindictive God.
    Brothern, we have an opportunity to turn the tables around while the door of Mercy is still open. Let us not harden our heart, but turn away from every evil whilst probation lasts as we are told in 2Timothy 3:16. Finally let us show mercy and love and obey the Voice of our Creator.

  4. The book of genesis deals with creation and the sabbath,hence man is gurranted redeption.let us welcome the two identical twins the old and new testaments.may God be with his children.

  5. We are not to judge someone's spiritual fate, that is God's job. We are to discipline, which is training and instructing. The only person we can judge by behavior is limited to a person who claims to be a member of our church. I can't tell you how many people I have seen interested in our church turn away after their behavior was judged BEFORE they even had the chance to learn. It's good to follow Christ's example and be patient, loving and kind.

  6. I'm wondering the love of God to man, when man sinned in Eden, God never curse man instead he cursed the ground. But every party involved in the act was give the punishment, even though God loved the Man HE never let the sin to go like that un notice, and am sure today HE is the same God, so lets not follow our grandparent Adam and Eve.

  7. Praise the Lord, i just want to say that this Bible study makes gospel very plain and clear and am appreciating the fact that the Gospel was even told in the old testament. Satan is crushed thru Jesus. Amen


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