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HopeSS: Global Rebellion and the Patriarchs — 5 Comments

    • Chan, it lifts my spirit to hear how God's Word, through Hope Sabbath School, reaches and blesses SO MANY people around the world! May the Lord continue to fill you with His Holy Spirit and use you to teach others who desperately need the love of God in their lives.
      God Bless You Chan!
      Jeff Salley

  1. Hello!Hope you are good. I am Mark from Kenya. I love the way you simplify the lesson for me.It has really made me improve in the way I handle my class. God bless you as you continue with the good work.

    • Praise the Lord Brother Mark! Hope Sabbath School IS a great blessing to everyone who is searching to understand God's Word, and I ask that you share it with everyone who is searching for God's TRUTH!
      God Bless You Brother Mark!
      Jeff Salley

  2. Hello am Florence koko from Nairobi Kenya..I'm glad tht I now understand Sabbath School Lesson much better..may our Lord God bless Derek's class.


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