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HopeSS: The Controversy Continues — 3 Comments

  1. i am a Sabbath School teacher in Hopkinsville,KY. I love the way this class is touching the lives of so many people including me. May God continue to bless all of you, because you are a true blessing to all who watch you. I try to use your method of teaching in my class. Thank all of you for being God's global missionaries. DeLoris Burrell

  2. I think from today's lesson, we don't any helping hand except that of God. He helps only when we comes to a conclusion that no one can intervene and looks up to him for help. Nice sabbath.

  3. My Name is confidence Jato writing from Cameroon - Africa. In fact I want to bless the name of God for making me to come in contact with Hope Sabbath School. I and my daughter follow your program on Hope TV channel every day and each time we sit around the TV set her reflection is mum, 'let’s put hope Sabbath school'. We have heard people testifying about HSS so much such that each time I leave for the office she keeps telling me to write and greet the whole team.

    There are even some participants that she called them "my friends" and when there are absent she says "mum your friend is not there today. It has been a period of refreshing for us. I Bless God for coming across you people. Please don't hesitate to send us encouragement every time.


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