Inside Story: A Card, Garage Door and a $50 Bill

When Dennis Hulett stepped into the baptistery set up on the lawn of

Image © Krieg Barrie from

Image © Krieg Barrie from

his new home church in Wisconsin in the United States, dozens of his new church friends watched with tears in their eyes. It had been a miraculous journey for Dennis—a journey involving an invitation card, a garage door, and a $50 bill.

Things had been rough for Dennis. He lost his job, was going through a divorce, and he felt worthless. Looking through his mail one day, he found a card showing a multi-headed dragon with crowns on it. Dennis, who had always been interested in Bible prophecy, recognized the image.

Dennis went to the prophecy meeting. As he listened to the presenter explain the Bible truths of Daniel and Revelation to the audience, Dennis discovered that the Bible presented prophecy very differently from a series of books he had been reading on the Second Coming. Dennis liked the way the presenter let God’s Word defend itself. This is exactly the way Bible studies should be conducted, he thought.

Dennis made friends with others attending the seminar, including Karl and Karen, members of the Seventh-day Adventist church that was sponsoring the meetings. Dennis rented the house next door to Karl and Karen, who prayed that they would be a good influence on him.

The prophecy seminar ended, but Dennis continued attending the Adventist church on most Sabbaths. Then he noticed something that made everything he was learning fall into place. “Karl has a shop in his garage,” Dennis said. “I noticed that the shop door was closed on Sabbath.” Dennis was unemployed and was trying to earn money by recycling cans.

One Friday evening Dennis headed out to recycle more cans, hoping to earn some money to spend with his daughter, who was coming for a visit the following Monday. When he saw Karl’s closed garage door, he thought, I can’t insult God by working on Friday night. Dennis didn’t know how he would earn the money he needed. I’ll just have to figure something else out, he decided.

The next morning at church somebody put a $50 bill in the offering plate with a note that read, “Give to Dennis.” When Dennis received the money, he was speechless. “It was enough to buy food and gas and have a nice week with my daughter!”

Since then God has blessed Dennis with a job that gives him Sabbaths off. Dennis says thanks to God by serving Him any way he can.

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Juanita Edge is communication director of the Wisconsin Conference in the North American Division.

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Inside Story: A Card, Garage Door and a $50 Bill — 4 Comments

  1. not only in bible days were miracles performed. little miracles like these occur everyday as i can personally testify to i believe even bigger ones do occur too.


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