Inside Story: Against the Tide

Friday Nwamaga

I grew up in a family that worshipped idols, but I often wondered about my Christian friends’ beliefs. When a friend invited me to attend church with him, I went. My parents were angry when they learned what I’d `done. But something had moved me during the worship service, and from then on I slept in the bush on Saturday night so I could attend church on Sunday. I joined my friend’s church and became a youth leader. Eventually my mother and brother joined the church too.

James, the man who repaired my bicycle, gave me some books to read. Two of the books, The Desire of Ages and The Great Controversy, opened my mind to truth I hadn’t known before. He invited me to attend a Revelation Seminar, so I went. I had studied Revelation before, but I couldn’t understand it. During the seminar this book became so clear.

I was so happy that I sang all the way home. My mother confronted me. “Have you been attending the Adventist programs this week?” she asked. I nodded, and tears clouded her eyes. “Why?” she asked.

“I’ve found truth I never knew before,” I told her. “And if you’re willing, you can find it too.” She pleaded with me to stop attending the meetings, but I told her that God had shown me the truth and I must follow. “I’ve decided to be an Adventist,” I said.

I invited members of my former church to a week-long revival program I was holding. Many came. I didn’t preach doctrine, but I told them what Jesus was doing in my life and what He means to me. Near the end of the meetings I told the youth that I was leaving that church because I had found greater truth. I invited them to follow me.

And within a year 20 people from my former church became Adventists. Others accused the Adventists for snatching me away. I explained to them that no one had forced me to leave their church, and that Jesus had led me to greater truth in the Adventist church.

God called me to the ministry, so I’m preparing for His service at Babcock University. My church family helps as much as they can, and I trust God for the rest.

Your mission offerings and Thirteenth Sabbath Offerings have helped build this fine Adventist school where young people in Africa can prepare to serve the Lord and hasten His coming. Thank you.

Friday Nwamaga is completing his studies at Babcock University in Nigeria.

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Inside Story: Against the Tide — 2 Comments

  1. i too wanted to add my point it's just the same way in our church we are not content with what God give us the lesson is for us to look in ware and seek divine help we need to stop point finger

  2. Blessings to you young man, "Keep up a great work for the Lord"! Keep on letting your light shine also keep your mother and the rest of your family before the Lord. God answer prayers.


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