Inside Story: Best Friends for Jesus

Moses is 8 years old. He and his family live in the tiny country of Armenia, tucked between Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

Image © Educational Concepts from

Image © Educational Concepts from

Moses and his family had just moved to a little village in western Armenia. Moses didn’t know anyone there. Then he met Hayk [hike], a boy his own age. The two boys quickly became friends. They enjoy playing and riding their bicycles together.

Moses realized that Hayk didn’t know Jesus. His family didn’t go to church. So Moses started praying for his friend. He wanted to invite Hayk to church, but first he decided to give Hayk a book about Jesus.

Hayk liked the book and started reading it even before Moses left his house. Mother noticed that Hayk read late into the evening and again the next day. The book has lots of pictures that held Hayk’s interest.

Later when Hayk visited, Mother asked the boys some questions about stories she knew were in the book, and Hayk answered them all. Hayk said that he tells his mother the stories that he reads, and now his mother and sister want to read the book, too.

A few days later, Hayk asked Moses, “May I go to church with you?”

Moses was surprised and happy. “Of course you can!” Moses said. “I was going to invite you!”

Hayk loves church and wants to go every Sabbath. Children in Armenia don’t have lesson quarterlies, so the teacher must read the lesson in Russian and tell it to the children in Armenian.

Hayk is so excited about what he’s learning in church that he’s invited some of his friends to go with him. One week, five boys and girls attend church with Hayk, and he’s looking for more children to invite.

Moses invited Hayk, and now the boys are inviting others. And the church in Armenia is growing.

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Moses and Hayk (left) share their faith in a small town in western Armenia.

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Inside Story: Best Friends for Jesus — 3 Comments

  1. We really have a risen Saviour who knows our thoughts before we speak them out. Thank our creator for using Moses to save his friend and the entire family. May his holy name be glorified now and forevermore, amen.

  2. God is truly awesome just to show he doesn't need us to do his work he can work in the heart of whomever he chooses to Glory be to God

  3. If we can remain quite for sure God ll use stones to speak about His glory, may God bless moses for teaching other children to know n grow in God's mercy. Amen!


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