Inside Story: Finding the Way Home, part 2

“Take your things, and don’t come back,” Mother said as Verusca opened the door. Verusca paused and then said softly, “I’ll collect my things when I return from church.” She hurried toward the church, crying.

As Verusca entered the church, a woman was telling the mission story of a girl who faced trials similar to Verusca’s. Tears ran down her cheeks as Verusca listened to how God had prepared a safe haven for the girl who had dared to follow Jesus.

After church, Verusca stood near a wall wondering what to do next. Marques approached and saw her tears. She told him what her mother had said, and he offered to take her to his home. But Verusca declined. She didn’t know Marques’s family. The two walked toward town together. They found a bench and sat down to talk. Marques prayed for her and then read her some promises from his Bible.

Time flew, and as sunset approached, Marques said he had to return to church for vespers. Verusca walked home alone. Her mother wasn’t home when she entered the house, but she found a note on the table. Trembling, she read it. “Please don’t leave. Love, Mom.” Verusca smiled and hurried toward the church. God had provided a way for her!

But as she returned home after dark, fear once again enveloped her. She prayed for peace and entered the house. Mother welcomed Verusca with a look of relief. Verusca realized that her family had been worried about her.

No one mentioned religion that week, but Verusca knew her mother wasn’t happy with the direction she had chosen. In time her mother calmed down, and Verusca continued attending church.

Then one Sabbath morning Mother told Verusca, “Hurry or you’ll be late for Sabbath School.” Verusca smiled; her mother no longer opposed her decision to become an Adventist.

Verusca shares her faith with her mother, just as her brothers had shared theirs with her. Verusca has learned that her mother listens to some Adventist programs on the radio, and Verusca prays that God’s words will sink deeply into her mother’s heart and find fertile ground there to grow into faith. She prays that her father will find faith in God as well.

Angola is home to more than 350,000 Adventist believers. Our mission offerings help spread the gospel to the millions in Angola who have not yet heard the Adventist message.

Verusca de Paiva shares her faith in Lubongo, Angola.

Produced by the General Conference Office of Adventist Mission.
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  1. If we are faithful to Him He will never disappoint and even if we're not, He'll still be faithful! Timothy 2:13 I've seen Him work in my life...


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