Inside Story: Following the Sinners

Gustave read the notice of evangelistic meetings in his town in Burundi.

He had heard about Adventists-heard that they are sinners because they work in their gardens on Sunday. But Gustave decided to attend the meetings anyway. He hoped to learn something new about God.

The messages touched his heart. Gustave couldn’t attend the meetings on weekdays because of school, but he went on weekends. By the end of the second week Gustave had many questions. He asked the church elder to study the Bible with him. Before long Gustave was convinced that Adventists weren’t sinning when they worked on Sunday; they were keeping the Bible Sabbath. He asked to join the Adventist Church.

Gustave stopped attending classes on Saturday and went to church instead. One of his teachers warned him that if he continued to miss classes, he would be expelled. When Gustave’s parents learned about it, they were upset. “Please allow me to worship God as He leads me,” Gustave pleaded.

Gustave tried to explain his faith to the school principal, too, hoping that he would excuse Gustave from classes. But the principal accused him of being a bad influence on other students. Unsure what else to do, Gustave returned to school on Sabbaths. But he spent his time reading the Bible instead of studying.

The next year Gustave enrolled in a Christian high school, the only Adventist in the school. Although the school didn’t hold classes on Saturday, they did hold mandatory religious classes that day. Gustave quickly became the leader of his chosen group.

He shared his faith with the young people in the study group, and several wanted to know more about what he believed. He studied the Bible with them, but one by one they dropped out when their parents warned them about Adventists.

After Gustave completed high school, his parents urged him to get a job. Most jobs required Sabbath work, and Gustave refused. His parents refused to support him if he wouldn’t work. After many months he found work with ADRA.

Gustave shares his faith with others and explains that Adventists aren’t sinners because they work on Sunday; they’re sinners saved by God’s grace who seek to follow Jesus’ example of obedience.

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Gustave Ndayambaje lives in southern Burundi, a small country in central Africa.

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Inside Story: Following the Sinners — 7 Comments

  1. Congratualtions Gustave.
    God bless U more and more!
    Your sister in Christ - fatima from Phalaborwa -South Africa

    • Gustave, it is by God's grace that you found out that precious truth. Hold it firm and continue sharing it with others.
      God bless you.


  2. Brother Gustave continue to follow His footstep.God's blessings be yours.Praying for your continued ministry.Stay blessed!
    Sister in Christ.

    Evelyn in Madagascar


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