Inside Story: God is My Rock

I’m Angelo. I live in Madagascar, the large island off the eastern coast of Africa. My parents are Christians, but they attended different churches and often fought over what to believe. To me church worship became a source of arguments, not an act of love.

Angelo Courtesy of GC Office of Adventist Mission

Courtesy of GC Office of Adventist Mission

When I was 10 years old my mother wanted to enroll me in a Christian school where I would be in a better environment. She found an Adventist school near our home and asked Dad to let me study there. At last Dad agreed.

Until this time, all I knew about God was what my father had taught me. But in my new school we studied the Bible as a class. I was used to arguing about God, so if a student said something I didn’t agree with, I’d argue with them.

However, I soon learned that the Adventist students knew lots of Bible texts to back up what they’re saying. Their knowledge pushed me to read the Bible so I could support my points better. My new Adventist friends encouraged me to study the Bible to see what God said, not to argue points.

My interest in religion grew, and by the time I was 15 I had accepted Jesus as my Savior and asked to become an Adventist. My mother accepted my decision and was actually quite glad. But my father wasn’t so happy. We often got into arguments about Bible topics, each of us quoting texts to prove our points.

My parents joined another church together to be united in faith. They hoped I would join them, but I told them that God is my rock, and I want to follow Him only.

I’ve been an Adventist for three years now. My parents still haven’t accepted my faith, but they’ve accepted my decision. I hope that one day they will worship with me in church. I can see changes in my parents because of my strong stand for God, and that makes me glad.

I thank my parents for sending me to the Adventist school. I thank my teachers and fellow students for leading me to the true path in Jesus. And I thank you, dear Sabbath School members, for sharing your Thirteenth Sabbath offering with my school in 2012. That offering has helped improve my school and provide more classrooms and dormitory space for others who want to study here and learn that God wants to be their rock as well.

Angelo is a student at Mahajanea Adventist School in northwestern Madagascar.



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  1. Am really impressed by Angelo"s faith....his testimony has really has touched my heart.God bless him.Am an Adventist too and will be glad to have every bible studies in my mail everyday so that will read and be able to share my thoughts with others.thank you.


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