Inside Story: Ibrahim’s Question

Ibrahim, 9, lives in the country of Azerbaijan. Most people in Azerbaijan are religious, but they are not Christians. loves going with his mother to do missionary work. Often they take a minibus to a village near their home. Ibrahim likes to sit near the driver so they can talk. One day the driver asked Ibrahim some questions: “How many eyes do two birds have?”

“Four!” Ibrahim said. “Now I have a question for you. How many days did it take God to create the earth?” The driver didn’t know. “It took six days,” Ibrahim said. “If you want to know more about what God does, you should buy a book from my mom. It’s called Only Allah Gives Us Peace.”

Some people on the bus heard Ibrahim talking to the driver. One of them asked Ibrahim’s mother about the book Ibrahim had mentioned. She told them that the book is about people who are faithful to Allah [God]. “How can we get the book?” a man asked. Mother usually sold the book to help pay their bus fare, but she let Ibrahim give a copy to each of the people in the bus for free.

Ibrahim walked down the aisle giving one to each person. The people smiled and said, “sahg-ohl” (thank you).

As Ibrahim and his mother got off the bus, he noticed several passengers reading the book he’d given them. We’ve just arrived at the village, and already we’ve shared God’s Word with many people.

At school, every student takes part in a religion class. One day Ibrahim’s teacher read the story of Noah. Then she quizzed the students about the story. “What did God tell Noah to do?” she asked. Ibrahim raised his hand.

“God told Noah to build a boat,” he answered.

“Yes,” the teacher said. “And how long did it take to build the boat?”

“It took Noah 120 years to build the boat and warn the people about the flood.

Ibrahim answered confidently. “But no one chose to enter the boat except Noah and his family-eight people. So God sent the animals into the boat and closed the door. Then the flood came.”

“How do you know so much about this story?” the teacher asked Ibrahim.

“My mother and I read the sacred writings together,” Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim and his mother share God’s message of love in a land where Jesus isn’t worshipped as God. Our mission offerings help believers in difficult countries to share God’s message of hope with people who’ve never heard. Thank you for giving to others can hear God’s message of love.

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