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  1. i am inspired by the way this gentleman brought people to God.i hv learnt that before you cn preach to pple about the grace of God,u must attend to their physical needs.personally i ws brought up in an adventist family,bt owing to some worldly pros n cons i landed in prison wt charges of murder.this led to my spiriual decadence:by virtue of being in prison,i perceived that God had forsaken me.after my 15yrs in prison,through the love shown by newlife sda church nairobi kenya,i started going to church,bt this the time i was sentenced to serve death penalty,bt b 4 my sentence i had some dreams abt paul n silas.in te morning i started reflecting over such dream ,thus God had purposed that i'd to recognize hm,i went to my kneels n told hm that i was a chief of sinners and since he is the same

    • I was touched by your confession Josiah. God is love and He is merciful.May you find peace in Jesus. I will pray for you and those you love.

  2. I enjoy reading these stories as part of my worship with my family every sabbath, this mission story is no exception and truly shows how God can work in mysterious ways.:) However I was wondering what it means if a stick "coughs" as English is not my first language and I could not find an answer by looking it up on Google? Any help is much appreciated and have a blessed sabbath/day.

    • The person in this story had a gun and the local people perceived it as a crooked stick. When the man fired the gun they described the noise as "coughing".


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