Inside Story: A New Life

Ten-year-old Moses stared out the airplane window at the large city below. This would be his new home. What will it be like to live in the United States? Moses wondered. Will I make friends here? Will I even be able to talk to them?

Moses Ntekereze courtesy of CG Office of Adventist Mission

Moses Ntekereze
courtesy of CG Office of Adventist Mission

For as long as Moses could remember, his family had lived in one refugee camp after another in central Africa. His home had been a plastic tarp held up by sticks. When it rained, everything got wet, and there seldom was enough food to eat or clean water to drink.

One day Moses’ father told the family, “Soon we will leave this camp for a new home in the United States.”

The family arrived in their new home and settled into an apartment. On the first day of school Moses felt lost. He couldn’t find his class and couldn’t speak English to ask for help. Finally someone took him to his class.

Moses studied hard and soon could speak enough English to talk to his classmates. He began telling his new friends that Jesus loves them. Some listened, but others ignored him. Father and Mother studied English so they could find work. Everything seemed so hard. They struggled to find a grocery store and a church. Riding the bus was difficult until they could speak the language. After months of studying and searching for work, Father found a job.

Then one day Moses’ father stumbled into the apartment, blood spattered on his face and clothes. “Some teenagers don’t want us here,” he said. “One of them hit me with a rock.” Father lost his eyesight in the injured eye. But he refused to be angry. “We can’t be angry when someone hurts us. We must forgive them and pray for them.” Moses knew that his father was right, but it was still hard to forgive the teens who had hurt his father.

The family has found a different place to live, and church members are helping to pay the children’s tuition so they can study in the Adventist school.

Moses wants to be a pastor, as his grandfather in Africa was. He shares God’s love with others and offers to study the Bible with them so they will learn to love God too. “God has been with my family through hard times,” he says. “He will never leave us.”

A recent Thirteenth Sabbath Offering is helping to reach millions of refugees in North America with the message of God’s love. Thank you for reaching out to the world by reaching the world in in North America.

Moses Ntekereze shares God’s love in the northern United States with his parents and siblings.



Inside Story: A New Life — 12 Comments

  1. Wooooow! Praise Our Lord God! That is faith. Faith of the most high Lord=absolute master and ruler, God=creator. I am grateful for the witness/Testimony of the Holy Spirit in this story, and especially in Scripture. It reminded me of the promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the last days. such faith towards compassion, in such terror. 🙂 Amen. We Thank you, Lord, God

  2. It's such a marvelous thing seeing how God works in the lives of thousands and thousands of people. We need to go home and rest with Jesus. This work should be over. How far from home?

  3. God is good, He has been good to Moses and his family. He will be good to anyone who needs help. We must praise God for all he has done.

  4. We thank you Father for your goodness and faithfulness. You open hardened hearts and prepare us for communion with you.
    Our Savior is a mighty fortress to His children.

  5. The real issue here is the need for funds to cont to share the message. We know God do not want our money, the bible says-a thousand cattle upon the hills belong to God. But he had given some of his people means to support others in and out of the church. Will we coop with God to do our part?

  6. A very inspiring story. Reminding was that no matter what we are going through God will help us if we just ask for His help.

  7. i thank God for everything that he is doing. i pray that one day i will go to the united state

  8. I thank for what he is donig for his children. l pray that one day i will go to the united state.

  9. I thank God for what he is doing for his children. I pray that one day i can to united state.

  10. I so much love this comment ''We can't be angry when someone hurt us'' I pray that God will help me to always forgive and never be angry when someone hurts me or try to anoy me.


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