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  1. The angels dwelling place is in heaven and Satan has no access to heaven anymore then how is it possible for the angels to still fall? EGW says that they have to look at the cross too. I thought that their fate was already sealed after the war in heaven. Would that still be our fate when we go to heaven?

    • Angels don't just stay in heaven. They come to Earth all the time to guard us. Here they're exposed to fallen angels. Might they also get discouraged by seeing our plight? I would think that no one is safe until Satan is destroyed for good.

  2. I would like someone to explain what is meant by the statement that "It is through the efficacy of the cross that the angels of heaven are guarded from apostasy."

    • Angels, like humans were created with the power to reason and choose. One third of the angels reasoned and chose the way of apostasy even though they were created perfect and were in heaven in God's presence.

      How could such a thing happen? It was by developing and cherishing doubts about God. The highest angel, who was loved and respected by all the rest of the angels, Lucifer, skilfully planted these doubts in the angels' minds. He did this not only with the angels that sided with him, but tried to get all the angels on his side.
      Remember, sin was unknown, and these doubts were confusing even for those angels who chose to remain loyal to God.

      What could forever erase these doubts from the minds of loyal angels (as well as from the minds of redeemed humans) while still granting them the freedom to reason and chose?

      It was at the cross that Christ unveiled the truth of Lucifer's (satan) real character in casting doubts concerning God. At the cross satan revealed himself to be "a malignant enemy to Christ and man. The condemnation and murder of the Son of God were brought about by Satan's false accusations, and that against one who was pure, holy, and undefiled. This work has forever alienated from Satan the affections and sympathy of the heavenly world. Not one thought of sympathy remained in their hearts for him who had been an exalted angel."

      The cross shows:
      1. How far the great apostate would go to murder God Himself if he could.
      2. How far Christ would go to redeem and save and restore His created beings.

      Heavenly angels and the redeemed will NOT fall - sin will never again raise it's ugly head in the eternal ages of the future,
      but God does not remove their capacity to reason and chose so they can't fall, no, it's because they have the evidence and their loyalty and love is 100% for Christ, with not even a shadow of a doubt to trouble them, that they won't fall.

    • Mxolisi, looking at the context of the sentence you quote, we find this statement: "The plan of salvation, making manifest the justice and love of God, provides an eternal safeguard against defection in unfallen worlds, as well as among those who shall be redeemed by the blood of the Lamb." Looking into the article from which the lesson's quote was originally taken, we also find this: "It is no marvel to angels that the infinite sacrifice made by the Son of God was ample enough to bring salvation to a fallen race, but that this atoning sacrifice should have been made is a wonder to the universe. It is a mystery which angels desire to look into." (Signs of the Times, December 30, 1889 par. 5) The angels, as they see "the justice and love of God" revealed in the cross, are inspired to adoration and greater praise of their Lord and ours. They express this as we read in Revelation 5:12, "Worthy is the Lamb who was slain To receive power and riches and wisdom, And strength and honor and glory and blessing!"

      We also read in that article, "The angels are amazed at the indifference and coldness manifested by those for whom so great a salvation has been provided. They look with grief and holy indignation upon those who do not seek to appreciate the unspeakable gift of God." May God help us to not be indifferent to the infinite Gift.

  3. The possibility of sin will be forever gone because of THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST,we are closer to the time when this removal of sin and the possibility of sin will take place.Have faith in Christ and live daily for Him.It's so sweet to trust in Jesus it gives real peace.

  4. I think the first thing to note is that angels are created beings too. The scriptures declare that man was made a little lower than the angels. The point to note is that our all powerful God will not cause sin to rise again in heaven. Also we need to remember that it is impossible to please God without Faith... When Lucifer sowed discord in heaven the lamb had not yet been crucified. The efficacious blood that was later spilled on calvary and is able to cleanse all mankind has given the angels somewhat of a shield and guard against sin's effects.. this only goes to show that God can never cease to be God and that the cross HAS redeeming power!! Remember that the mysteries of God can never all be understood because then of course he'd cease to be God. Even throughout eternity we will EVER be learning of him! Let's just believe by FAITH and leave the rest to him. Many have fallen from the path due to skepticism because they did not dwell on what MATTERS MOST! The disciples still had questions even after the resurrection and still doubted even after seeing him initially. Let our PRAYERS be for FAITH & POWER. All this goes to show that questions will always remain but let them not deter us from our aim and mission...so help us Lord, Amen!


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