Inside Story: On Jesus’ Side

Mee Mee comes from a poor family living in a small village in Myanmar (Burma). Her family had to sell their land to feed their children. Her parents couldn’t afford to send her to school, so she went to work in the rice paddies when she was 13.

When Mee Mee was 18, she learned that a Christian family in another town needed a house helper. Her parents let her go, but they warned her, “Don’t let these people make you become a Christian.” Her friend had told her that the Christian family was kind, but still she was afraid.

Mee Mee was surprised that her new employers treated her as part of the family. She refused their invitation to join them for worship, but she listened from the next room as the family sang songs and prayed. A few days later she shyly joined the family for worship. How can Christians be so evil that my parents don’t want me to worship with them? she wondered.

On Friday Mee Mee and her host mother worked hard to clean the house and prepare food for Saturday, which she called “Sabbath.” Mee Mee declined the invitation to worship in the church that met upstairs the family’s home. Then her host father asked her to take Grandma up the stairs and help her during worship. Mee Mee felt awkward, but the worshippers were so kind that soon she became more comfortable.

When Mee Mee’s father called to check on her, she told him about how loving her host family was. He was glad, but he repeated his warning, “Remember, don’t become a Christian.”

Mee Mee continued joining the family for worship. Little by little God’s love seeped through the barriers of her heart. Her host mother gave her a Bible, and she took turns reading it during worship. Something in her heart stirred, and she felt drawn to Jesus.

Mee Mee knows that her parents will be angry when she tells them that she wants to become a Christian. But she’s convinced that Jesus is the true God. She feels torn between respect for her family and its traditions and God’s call.

“I know that I must stand on Jesus’ side,” Mee Mee says. “I’m praying for courage to stand true. Please pray for me.” Becoming a Christian in Myanmar isn’t easy. Please pray for those like Mee Mee who have discovered the truth and want to follow Christ. And remember that your mission offering helps make evangelism in this largely Buddhist country possible.



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  1. Am inspired by the fact that kindness can draw a soul to Christ...let's live for Him and likewise the character of Christ(Gal.5:22)in us may sell Christ much more than do empty words.


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