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Inside Story: “Your Parents Should Be Very Proud of You” — 7 Comments

  1. It is so important to following the leading of the Holy Spirit regardless of your age. This young person allowed God to us him in a manner that had an impact on the lives of so many young people in his community. Jesus said that we should be like little children. Children are so humble that a hard heart is easily won whether we see it on the outside or not. I thank God that the Holy Spirit knows not age limits or genders.

    • REgina, quite true.
      What a marvelous story of a young boy who gave his heart to Jesus Christ and allowed the Holy Spirit to work in his life. Sometimes it is the great influence of Christian parents that encourages a son to give his heart to Jesus Christ; but sometimes it is the wonderful love of a transformed child of God that leads his parents to Jesus Christ. Parents cannot do in a son what Payton has become. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. However, these few comments indicate a missing link in the story: the support of parents who love the Lord, and allowed or empowered Payton's room to be filled with the love of Jesus Christ, in personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and in making room for other brothers in the Kingdom of God. "There's plenty good room in my Father's Kingdom" couldn't have been expressed more vividly.
      Pray for more Pentecost empowered Paytons in our neighborhoods, earth and Heaven.

  2. Often as parents we underplay the role our children can and do play in reaching out and sharing the love of Christ to others. This story is an inspiration to many and we should encourage our children to be part of our outreach strategies to bring may souls to Christ.

  3. If the story is true as I think it was then the fruitful life of the boy was a mere reflection of the safe and loving situation of his home. If the boy grew up loving and caring as he did then he could not have done so had he not a loving and caring home. His parents i imagine were there for him and taught him constantly about Jesus so that the boy grew up becoming like Jesus. This is cause for joy not only for the good deeds of the boy but for the good parenting that he got at home. My congratulations to his parents for passing on to the child a Christlike countenance. May God bless them all and may God bless all who followed his story and were likewise blessed as I was.

  4. I think this maybe what Jesus had in mind when He said that we must become as a child in order to see Heaven. Children's best friends are most often other children, regardless of ethnicity, gender, possessions or all the other things that we use to evaluate those that we come in contact with. This young man will have several stars in his crown for sure.


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