Inside Story: Patricia’s Prayer

Patricia Courtesy of GC Office of Adventist Mission

Courtesy of GC Office of Adventist Mission

Patricia lives in central Cameroon. She’s a lot like other girls. She likes to jump rope and talk with her friends. But in some ways Patricia is different from other children. She has HIV and often feels sick. Two years ago Patricia’s mother died of AIDS, and Patricia and her sister went to live with their grandmother. Her father couldn’t pay the girls’ tuition at the Adventist school they had been attending, so he sent them to the public school near their home.

But the children in the public school shunned Patricia because of her illness. The girl begged her father to let her return to the Adventist school. “The teachers and children in the Adventist school don’t tease me,” she said. “They pray for me. They help me if I don’t feel well or need help. Please, please, let me go to the Adventist school.”

Finally Patricia’s father allowed her to return to the Adventist school. “I love my school,” she says. “When I’m feeling well, I’m just one of the children in my class. And when I’m not well, the teachers and the children help me.”

Patricia’s father can’t always pay her tuition. So Patricia prays that God will make a way for her to remain in school.

Patricia enjoys attending Sabbath School, too. She likes the Bible stories the most. “My favorite story is about Moses,” she says. “When he was born he was hidden in a basket and found by the pharaoh’s daughter. God saved him from death because his mother prayed for him.

“God loved Moses very much,” Patricia says with a smile. “He gave Moses a special work to do. I know that God loves me and He has something special for me to do, too. God can use me to help people come to Jesus. I don’t know how He will do that, but I know He will.”

Patricia wants others to know that even if they have problems in life-whether they are poor or sick or have no money-God is with them and will help them. “Trust God and worship Him,” she says. “Whatever you do, do it for Jesus. That way others will know that Jesus lives in your heart.”

Patricia knows that God didn’t make her sick, but He can use her sickness to help other people learn about His love. She learned that at the little Adventist school in a village in Cameroon.

Our mission offerings help build schools such as the one Patricia attends. Thank you for being a part of something larger than any of us, God’s work around the world.



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    • My name is Magea Pole. While studying this weeks lesson me and my wife came across the inside story of this week on Patricia's prayer. We were touched and saddened to read about Patricia's plight, a situation that she is in that she didn't choose.Although we can't be of very much help we are comforted by the thought that God in his abundant mercy and grace will look after her and provide for her.

  1. I believe my God "the Provider" has provided for her in faith. I pray for Patricia and we shall meet in the sweet by and by.

  2. I pray that God will heal her and give her long life in Jesus name Amen! Nothing is impossible with God.

  3. It is amazing what an impact Adventist schools have in changing lives in remote parts of the world. Years ago, at the age of eight, I was playing with my friends in my village, Patfu Mayawa in central Sierra Leone when we heard the village gong sound. Soon my elder brother Sorie came looking for me. He took me to the village headman's house where other children were already lined up. The Adventist were going to start an elementary school in my village and they wanted us to be the first students. Finally when I stood in front of the teacher, Mr. Myers, he asked me for my name. "My name is Sisay. Shaymoi, sir," I answered. "From today your name is Jacob," Mr. Myers declared. For a boy from a non-Christian home, that was the beginning of my Christian journey. From that encounter with Mr. Myers, I came to love the Bible and decided to join the church. My Muslim window mother did not object to my joining the church after she saw a stark change in my behavior and saw that the new religion also condemned the eating of pork or drinking alcohol. Years later, my Mother was full of joy when I returned to the Adventist high school I attended as chaplain and Bible teacher. After attending Adventist schools all the way to the University, I still believe that Adventist education is the best way to reach young people as it shapes their little minds and leads them to the right direction. Thank God that the church found me on that sunny day in Sierra Leone. I will ever be grateful.

  4. That story touched me, I will pray for her, she share the same experience with my sister who was born positive now she is 16,. But God is so mercy full, all those suffering will come to an end one day.

  5. God can if we cannot . God sustains us in these storms . He always works wonders even beneath the storms . He is our Provider so we must keep on praying just like Patricia. Thanks God for Patricia's inspiring story . We must pray without ceasing .

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    God is the same yesterday,today and tomorrow.The same miracle He has done in the past He is still do it .He is a provider.Patricia's story will encourage the God people who struggle.Patricia already start to bring people to God

  7. real compassion is good even great, but to truly relief suffering we have to be faithful to God and others with our pocket books/wallet/purses/billfolds. We can constantly give to 13th Sabbath, special offerings, or to the mission field. Giving is not giving without a sacrifice.

  8. May the almighty God hear Patricia's cry. I am touched by this story. Pass her not oh lord hear her humbly cry. When others thou art ycallinh hear himcalling


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