Inside Story: Power of Music

Kai Ming was a Christian.

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Her greatest joy was leading her church choir. Then she met Yen, a Global Mission pioneer who was working in her city. Kai Ming was impressed with Yen’s singing and invited him to teach her choir how to sing better. Yen agreed.

Soon Kai Ming realized that Yen knew his Bible well. She asked him to teach her more about the Bible. She invited her fellow church members to join her to learn more of the Word of God. When the leaders of Kai Ming’s church learned that Yen was teaching their members Bible truths the leaders didn’t believe in, they threatened Yen and warned Kai Ming not to associate with her former church members.

Kai Ming was baptized and opened her home to start a house church. She invited her friends to come and learn more about God. In spite of her former church’s edict, Kai Ming invited her former church friends to come and hear Yen teach about God. She wanted her friends to understand God’s will and why she had left her former church.

Within a month of Kai Ming’s baptism 12 people were coming to her house church, seven of whom came from her former church. They wanted to know what had drawn Kai Ming away from their church and the choir that she loved so much.

Kai Ming visited one old woman who was bedridden with a bad back. She prayed for the woman every day, and within a month the old woman could walk again. The woman, her daughter, and her granddaughter began attending Kai Ming’s house church to thank God for her healing.

Others came asking for prayer for health and personal issues, and the group prays for them. When several saw answers to their prayers, they came and brought others.

Kai Ming made a good living selling blankets. But she yearned to reach more people for God. So she gave up her blanket business and became a Global Mission pioneer. She has taken over Yen’s work in her city, allowing Yen to begin working in another city. In the past three years Kai Ming has led about 50 or 60 people to the Adventist Church, including her two adult daughters.

“I’ve always believed in Jesus,” she says. “But when I met Yen, I learned the whole truth of the Bible. I thank God that He is willing to use me to lead others to Jesus. God is so important in my life.”

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Kai Ming Fang is a Global Mission pioneer in Jiangsu Province, north of Shanghai, China.



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  1. This is so amazing! Its indeed one of the greatest revelations that God showed her. Indeed, unless we all become part of the mission of bringing many people to the truth that is in the Bible, Jesus will not come soon. Thus, it is upon each and everyone of us to make sure this is possible. I would like to thank Yen and Kai Ming Fang for this inspiring work. God bless you!

  2. There's need fo us as a Christion farmily to pray and teach the world the real truth about the will of God may all of us be moved and tell others about God

  3. Music carries a straight forward massage. As far as the topic is there is a need to put on God's armor let's prepare ourselves when preachng the word of God. Lets preach the word of God to the world in this last days MARANATHA.


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