Inside Story: Serving to Save

Zho and his wife, Lai, are a young couple who serve as Global Mission pioneers in China. God sent them to serve in a city that had no Adventist believers. The couple rented a house that would work as a house church and began meeting their new neighbors.

One day Lai met an old man on the street. He was pushing a heavy tricycle loaded with goods to sell. Lai helped the man push the tricycle to his house as she told him about God. Later Zho visited the old man and invited him to attend their Bible discussions. The old man came.

Zho and Lai met some elderly people who live in a nearby group home. They noticed that the residents couldn’t afford haircuts and they offered to cut their hair without charge. The couple shared God’s love with their new friends, and 15 senior citizens agreed to study the Bible with them. None of these seniors had come from a Christian background, but they were hungry to know about God.

When Zho presented the Sabbath message to the seniors, they all decided to worship on the Sabbath. But then the manager of the home in which they lived decided that Zho and Lai couldn’t hold a worship service there. So Zho found a place nearby where they could worship. A number of these elderly people walk 15 minutes to their new house church several times a week. Zho continues to visit those who can’t walk that far to church.

The couple went to a nearby village to help farmers harvest their crops. They made friends in the village and invited the farmers to join them for worship. The farmers decided among themselves that Zho and Lai were good people and that their God must be good as well. They listened to Zho’s messages about Jesus, and today, long after the crops have been harvested, 30 villagers are studying the Bible with Zho. One day soon there will be a church in this village.

We seek to meet the needs of people who are old or sick or discouraged, Zho said. The group who worship with them is growing, and several are preparing for baptism.

The couple is training the local people to lead the congregations in the city and in the country so that when they leave, there will be people who can carry on the work.

Our mission offerings help support Global Mission pioneers in dozens of countries throughout the world. Thank you for giving so that others can learn that God loves them and is preparing a place for them in His kingdom. Pray that God will bless their efforts to reach many in China.



Inside Story: Serving to Save — 4 Comments

  1. All this gospel must be preached to all nation, younger people I appreciate your work, thank God that even you God has dicided that you be his coworker, let us all let God to use us for the mission.

  2. This is a wonderfull work,may God bless them also prapere the new members to develope more faith in Jesus with firm stand in God's work.

  3. Wonderful undertaking in God's vineyard. Zho and Lai, just keep it up and may the Almighty bless you abunduntly.


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