Inside Story: The Power of Faith

I come from an influential family in central India and grew up worshipping stone gods.

Image © Erik Stenbakken from

Image © Erik Stenbakken from

My parents wanted the best education for me, so they enrolled me in an Adventist secondary school. We didn’t know what “Adventist” meant then.

I liked the school and made friends quickly. One friend, Amith, invited me to his home on Saturday. I was surprised that he and his family weren’t watching television, but instead were talking about something called the “Sabbath.” When I asked Amith what the Sabbath was, he invited me to church the next Saturday. I was curious, so I went.

Inside the church I recognized some people I knew from school. To my surprise, the sermon was on the Sabbath. The pastor read Bible texts and explained why the Sabbath was so special. I didn’t know Christ, but by the time we left church I understood the Sabbath.

I attended church with Amith every week. I loved the worship service, and the hymns brought me peace. The Bible lessons were simple but profound. Christianity was so different from my family’s religion.

I often joined a classmate for her family’s worship. They explained difficult Bible texts, and I began reading the Bible for myself. The Creation story was so different from what I had been taught. I knew I had to follow God, not my family’s gods.

I told my parents that I had decided to follow Jesus and would no longer worship the gods I had once worshipped. But they didn’t give up. One day they asked me to go with them on a religious pilgrimage-to carry their luggage, they said. But when I realized that they wanted me to take part in the temple rituals. I knew I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to argue with them, so I left the train at the next station and returned home.

When my parents returned, they asked me why I had left them. I explained that God forbids worship of other gods. We sat for five hours as I explained what I could about God, Creation, Jesus’ life and death, and His second coming. Finally my parents nodded. They didn’t understand my new faith, but they let me follow my convictions.

I thank God for leading me to the Adventist high school. It changed my life. I now teach young people knowing that they can share their faith with their families. It’s my way of giving back.

Our mission offerings help build strong Adventist schools around the world where thousands of young people find Christ every year. Thank you for supporting mission.

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Inside Story: The Power of Faith — 2 Comments

  1. I do not mean to spread dissent but my understanding of things in the Adventist movement has become cloudy. Not having been born within the movement I might be missing important issues concerning the church's policy on giving assistance to different communities. I have hears of efforts to assist communities to build schools clinics and other social services. Whereas I been directly involved in some of them, never have I heard of the collections mentioned in mission stories coming back to assist us as communities. What makes a project qualify for a portion of the mission offering. Presently I'm the Chairperson of the building committee at my church and m facing huge challenges in that function owing to the fact that the church is full of immigrant members who are concerned mostly about their welfare and not church projects. This has become a futile process as the church members don't contribute much. When does a church qualify to receive donations for their projects from the mission fund and can churches approach. The corporate world for funding/ donations for purchasing constructing church buildings and scholls?

  2. The 13th Sabbath offerings are collected for specific projects around the world. These projects are chosen well in advance. You will find a list of past and future projects here:


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