Inside Story: The Rebel Rebels

Prakash was a Maoist terrorist living in the jungles of Asia. Although only in his

Image © Lars Justinen from

Image © Lars Justinen from

20s, he had risen to the position of commander for his political party in his village and the surrounding area. He had been taught to torture or kill anyone who did not follow the teachings of his political party or give in to his demands. His word was law!

He left his home and lived with his troops in the mountain jungles. They raided the nearby villages and terrorized the people. When the rebels needed food or money, they would simply enter a village and take what they wanted.

One day Prakash and his troops entered an Adventist church, planning to steal the offering, terrorize the members, and burn down the church. But God had other plans. When Prakash demanded that the pastor give him the offering, the pastor answered bravely, “Take God’s money, but if you give your life to Jesus, He will change you completely.”

Prakash thought little of the pastor’s words, but some of his troops deserted his command and joined the church. When Prakash talked with these former rebels, he noticed remarkable changes in their characters. Could Jesus change me, too? he wondered.

Then Prakash discovered a program on the radio called “Ashako Bani.” The speaker talked about Jesus. As Prakash listened, he sensed that his life was changing, just as the pastor said it would. Prakash became aware that life was precious; he could no longer torture or kill.

Prakash knew that he must leave the rebels, but he had taken an oath. “Keep your promise or be killed,” he was told. But Prakash gave his life to Christ; he was not afraid.

One day Prakash called the studio of Adventist World Radio, which produces the program that had brought him to Jesus. “I believe in Jesus and know that you teach from the Bible,” he said. “I listen to your programs, and I tell my friends to listen as well. Because of your program the word of God has reached my village, and people all around have come to know about the true God.”

Recently Prakash was baptized. His mother, seeing the changes in her son, now believes in Jesus, too.

Adventist World Radio is an effective tool for reaching people who may never come to know Jesus in any other way. Your mission offerings help support the work of Adventist World Radio and other outreach programs in every corner of the world.

Dowell Chow is president of Adventist World Radio.

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Inside Story: The Rebel Rebels — 6 Comments

  1. Yes! there is no impossibility in God,s hands. Everything is possible to God. God can change the impossible into possible. I pray and wish God to change every step of my life completely as He did to Prakash

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony of what God is doing through the ministry of AWR. Let's continue to boldly proclaim the great everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and lead many souls to leave Satan's service and take their stand under the banner of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Thank you for sharing that wonderful testimony, God has so many ways to deliver his people. I pray that He touch on all of our life. Who ever read this pray for me, I need God in my life.

  4. I like reading stories like this it just give me hope for people I know that are not doing well at all. I really enjoy reading the stories I wish they had them in the Spanish Quartely too. God keep blessing


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