Inside Story: The Two Paths

Chief Asang was weeping, and no one could console him. I had no idea

Image © Rolf Jansson from

Image © Rolf Jansson from

why he was upset, but I asked God to help me comfort him. I am a student missionary teaching the children of the chief’s people.

As I approached the chief, he reached out and hugged me. “Thank you for coming,” he said when he saw me. “Something is bothering me and I know you can help.” Confused by his greeting, I wondered what I could do to help him.

“I had a dream and saw two pathways,” he said. “One path was wide and brightly lit. The other was a narrow trail, rugged and dark. My people were walking on the wide road, laughing and drinking as they traveled. On the narrow path I saw you and some children from the village, including my own grandchildren. Thistles on the narrow path tore your skin, but you didn’t seem to mind. You were singing some of the songs you and the children sing at morning worship.

“Then suddenly, everything changed! The wide road became steep and dark, while the narrow trail became bright. Suddenly the wide road ended, and my people fell into a ravine, screaming in terror.

“I looked toward the narrow path and saw you and the children entering a pearly gate. Then I saw the face of Jesus that you showed us in the picture roll. He was welcoming you and my children to the city you call heaven. Most of my people were lost,” the chief mourned. “And I was among them! Please tell me what this dream means.”

I prayed for God’s help to answer the chief’s tearful plea. Then I said, “Your dream of the two pathways was written a long time ago in God’s Word.” Opening my Bible, I showed him Matthew 7:13 and14.

“How can my people and I get on this narrow trail?” the chief asked with pleading voice.

“You must decide to follow Jesus now, while there is still time, Chief,” I encouraged.

“Please, tell me what we must do. I will tell my people to listen to you,” he responded, hope filling his words.

I explained God’s plan of salvation to the chief. I told him that his people are God’s children, and He wants to welcome them all into His kingdom.

Your mission offerings help support Adventist schools that send missionaries like me to people still living in darkness. Thank you for helping reach God’s children everywhere with His love.

Reneboy Autentico is a student missionary from Mountain View College in the Philippines. Chief Asang is receiving Bible studies and plans to be baptized soon.

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  1. Just like Daniel. This shows God remains the same and his blessings are stil upon us. Guys without Jesus there is no life. If there was ever anything to search is his constant presence in our lives lest we die a fools death, with no chance of redemption. Jesus is the way!!!!!!!!


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