Inside Story: On Our Way Rejoicing

I met the Savior while studying in a simple little Adventist school in my home village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. God gave me a burden to spread the message of the Adventist faith, and I began to share my faith in the neighborhood around my home church.

Courtesy of the GC Office of Adventist Mission

Courtesy of the GC Office of Adventist Mission

Then I learned about Global Mission and began working to plant a church in an impoverished suburb of Kinshasa. I found a few Adventists in the area and called them together to ask God for guidance to build up His church. These few Adventists brought their friends to study God’s word, and before long 17 more believers were baptized.

I was transferred to another area in Kinshasa, where I found three Adventist families who lived far from the nearest church. We began meeting in a member’s yard every morning at 5:00. The neighbors heard us singing and preaching, and some joined us. The members invited other friends as well. Soon 30 people worshipped together in that little yard.

We’ve continued to grow, and today we have more than 60 adults and children. We’ve outgrown the member’s yard, and we rent an unfinished building that has no roof. We’ve hung a tarp to protect us from the sun and the rain. In spite of the lack of shelter, we are not dismayed. People continue to come. We have begun a Bible study program, and we’re confident that we’ll continue to grow even more.

When the owner of the building in which we worship completes its construction, we will have to find another place to worship. Our members are poor; most don’t have money to feed and clothe their families and can’t help build a house of worship. But we have abundant faith, and we pray that God will provide a house of worship for us.

Recently we learned that Global Mission will help us find land and build a church. We rejoice that the world Church cares about us and will help us build a simple house of worship.

We don’t have Bibles to share with new believers, so it’s difficult to nurture them. Many members can’t afford to pay for public transportation to attend church every week. But our situation is not unique in Africa, and we don’t let our poor circumstances dismay us. We continue on our way rejoicing that the King of heaven is our Father, and He is preparing a heavenly mansion for us there. In the meantime, we thank God for His children everywhere who have not forgotten us and who faithfully give their mission offerings so that more of His children can be gathered in for the great harvest.

Jean Longomo is a Global Mission pioneer in a suburb of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.



Inside Story: On Our Way Rejoicing — 2 Comments

  1. We are in the same situation worshiping under a tree here in Kenya in Central Nyanza Field, Awasi District, in a small Sabbath school planted in December 2013. We thank God for the faith the members have and we continue to worship and pray that one day God will provide for us to purchase land and construct a house for worship.

  2. We are in america people are not ready to hear God's word we are in need of a church too and we do not have a lot of members ,but we know God is able lets keep trusting and believing in him


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