Jesus, the Humble Hero

I just have to share a blessing with you! I am reading, Humble Hero,1 an adaptation of the Desire of Ages in modern English. 2 For me, as a Sabbath School teacher, this “modern English version” is a convenient way for a quick review of Ellen White’s classic version of the life of Christ, when I don’t have time to read the full version. Please check it out to see what I mean. 


An adaptation of the Desire of Ages

Here’s an excerpt:

“The foundation of the Christian church began with the calling of John, Andrew, Simon, Philip, and Nathanael. John directed two of his disciples to Christ. Then one of these, Andrew, found his brother. Philip was then called, and he went in search of Nathanael. These examples teach the importance of making direct appeals to our family, friends, and neighbors. There are those who have never made a personal effort to bring even one soul to the Savior.

“Many have gone down to ruin who might have been saved if their neighbors, ordinary men and women, had put forth personal effort for them. In the family, the neighborhood, the town where we live, there is work for us to do. As soon as someone is converted, a desire is born within him to tell others what a precious Friend he has found in Jesus.

The Strongest Argument

“Philip did not ask Nathanael to accept someone else’s testimony, but to see Christ for himself. One of the most effective ways of winning souls to Jesus is by showing His character in our daily life. People may reject our logic or resist our appeals, but a life of love, totally without selfish motives, is an argument they cannot refute.

“The Word of God, spoken by someone who has personally been sanctified through it, has a life-giving power that attracts those who hear it. When we have received the truth and loved it, we will make known what we ourselves have heard, seen, and experienced of the Word of Life. Testimony like this rings true to receptive hearts and leads to sanctification of character.

“And those who try to give light to others will themselves be blessed. “He who waters will also be watered himself.”Proverbs 11: 25. In order to enter into Christ’s joy—the joy of seeing people redeemed by His sacrifice—we must take part in His labors to redeem them.

“Nathanael’s first expression of faith was like music to the ears of Jesus. “Because I said to you, ‘I saw you under the fig tree,’do you believe? You will see greater things than these.”The Savior looked forward with joy to His work of preaching good news to the meek, binding up the brokenhearted, and proclaiming liberty to the captives of Satan. He added, “Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.”

“Here Christ virtually says, “On the bank of the Jordan the heavens were opened, and the Spirit descended. But if you believe on Me, your faith will increase and grow stronger. You will see that the heavens are opened, never to be closed. I have opened them to you.”The angels of God are ascending, carrying the prayers of the needy and distressed to the Father above, and descending, bringing hope, courage, and life to the children of earth.

“Angels are constantly going from earth to heaven and from heaven to earth. Through Christ, by the ministry of His heavenly messengers, every blessing comes from God to us. In taking humanity on Himself, our Savior unites His interests with those of the fallen sons and daughters of Adam, while through His divinity He grasps the throne of God. * This chapter is based on John 1: 19–51 

You can read this book for free at Humble Hero ( or by downloading the EGW Writings app from Google Play or the IStore. I was reading it in my app, but I kept forgetting to use the bookmark, and it lost my place. So I download the Kindle version from Amazon, because it faithfully keeps my place, and I can go back to it in spare moments. You can read it on any device, including your computer, by downloading the free Kindle app

  1. I had seen this title from time to time but thought it was a cut-down version of the Desire of Ages meant for children. So I’m delighted to read it and experience the familiar feeling of blessedness in hearing the Holy Spirit speak through the words. I highly recommend it, even if you’ve read the Desire of Ages a number of times, as I have. And, of course, if you have time, by all means read the relevant portions of the Desire of Ages along with studying the Sabbath School Lesson.
  2. And just in case you are scandalized at the idea of an “adaption” or condensation of one of The Desire of Ages, here’s a question for you: When was the last time you read The Desire of Ages cover to cover? Is it not better to read a modern adaptation than not to read it at all?

    But in case you are not convinced, please do read the full version of The Desire of Ages at or get the paperback version, the hardback version or the Kindle edition for your computer, tablet or phone. And read it! I know you will be blessed.



Jesus, the Humble Hero — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks a lot you have blessed me and enlarge my thought.

    It is true we are not very much concentrating in saving our family home church by sharing a message from God through the connection with Jesus we have,and due to lack of not getting used to witness and change ourways of life through the word of God in our heart,we fail to convince our friend,neighbouring and people very Crouse to us.

    We have been called to spread this wonderful massage to the word and God like to use us as her angels to take peoples sufferings and appeals through prayer to her and Get solutions of their problem from him through the word of God by teaching them what the bible says.


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