Monday: Jesus, the Praying Messiah

What do the following texts teach us about Jesus and prayer? What is the context of these verses?1

Luke 3:21, 22

Luke 9:28, 29

Luke 6:12, 13

Heb. 5:7

Matt. 14:23

Luke 22:31, 32

Matt. 26:34–44

Jesus, the spotless Son of God, the one who was without sin, without fault, the one who lived in perfect harmony with the will of the Father, obviously had a powerful prayer life. (The above verses don’t even include Jesus’ prayer in John 17.) If Jesus needed to pray in order to deal with the things He faced, how much more do we? Christ’s example of prayer makes it abundantly clear how central prayer needs to be in our walk with the Lord. It’s hard to imagine anyone having any kind of relationship with God without that person praying. If communication is crucial to maintaining a relationship with other people, how much more so in a relationship with God? Jesus gives us an example. It’s up to us to make the choice to follow it.

How consistent is your prayer life? How easily distracted are you from praying? Do you pray consistently or just when you are in trouble? How can you learn to make prayer more central in your whole walk with the Lord?



Monday: Jesus, the Praying Messiah — 10 Comments

  1. The Creator of the universe while on earth spent much time in prayer communing with the Father in heaven. Jesus, who had no sin would get up early in the morning to pray and pray whenever he had a chance. For Christians to maintain a relationship with their heavenly Father, it is imperative that much time is spent in prayer as well. Without prayer our lives become dead, purposeless and meaningless. As his children, God is waiting to hear from us as we pray to Him earnestly and sincerely. He wants to bless us abundantly and take full charge of our lives as we go to Him in prayer. We need to pray now more than ever as we see the signs of His coming the signs being fulfilled all around. Let us pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit in our lives that we will remain faithful, be strong to face the tempter's assaults that will bombard God's people in the last days.

  2. As followers of Christ we need to pray more often and like apostle Paul puts it to the Thessalonians we need to pray without ceasing, and make known our requests to God through prayer.

    We look around us in the world we are living in, its full of termoil, and the signs of the times are unfolding infront of us, that in itself should give us more reason to pray for the strength to overcome every snare that the devil may place before us.

  3. Unceasing prayer is the unbroken union of the soul with God, so that life from God flows into our life, and from our life, purity and holiness flows back to God. We must not neglect secret prayer for this is the life of the soul. It is impossible for the soul to florish while prayer is neglected. Pray in your closet, and as you go about your daily labor let your heart be often uplifted to God.

  4. Ohh thank you Jesus,
    your prayers are very spiritual,
    Teach me and Help me to pray.
    I need to be with you forever.

  5. Just why are we not prayering as Jesus? We have even more reasons to pray now in this world full of iniquities. Could it be that we have little faith to believe that our prayers can be answered? I think we should pray to grow/mature our faith since we all have a measure of faith in us.

  6. Jesus has set the example for us where prayer was the key factor in his life. If we follow his example the cares of life would be easier for us . As christians we need to get back to that principle; if ever a time we need to is now.

  7. Luke 19:46 tells us the Lord's house is a house of prayer, and Luke 22:46 tells you why prayer is important. But what I have learned the most is the important thing for me is remembering Jesus' PRAYER Luke:22:42. Its goes back to how Jesus taught us how to pray. Luke 11:2-4.

  8. Our maker, the one who formed, the sportless Son of God, He prayed so often! What of us feeble human beings who totally require God's intervention for success in all aspects of our lives. Hebrew 4:16 lets approach boldly to the throne of Grace where we have a savior who eagerly waits to listens to our pleas.


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