Lesson Notes for the Holy Spirit & Spirituality

Lesson Notes Holy Spirit
Sabbath School Lesson Notes is a simple but nicely formatted Word file (.docx format) with the entire quarters weekly and daily lesson titles, memory verses and space to fill out notes for your personal study of the lesson. At the end of the week it can be printed out and taken to class to either lead out or participate.

As I spend most of my time on the computer, my own lesson study and preparation is done there as well. I developed this as a personal resource and have made it available now for the last 4 quarters.

There are 4 downloads available. 3 are in .docx format for Microsoft Word (2007-2017 version) with different memory verse options. There is also 1 text file that you can copy/paste into your preferred program.

Memory Verses as per the lesson – download (18kb)
NKJV Memory Verses – download (18kb)
KJV Memory Verses – download (18kb)
Text file with all 3 Memory Verse options – download (23kb)

Below, next to the cover image, are 4 preview images of the Word file and formatting. Click on the smaller images to get a larger preview.

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