Thursday: Life in the New Earth

Read Revelation 21:3.

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In what way will this stupendous fact alter the life experiences of the inhabitants of the new earth?

Perhaps there isn’t another awe-inspiring vision throughout the Bible comparable to the one that John the Revelator describes here; the new earth will not only be home to human creatures but also to God. The holy, transcendent Creator of the universe will grace the community of the redeemed with His presence. Of course, God will forever remain distinct from His creatures, but in the new earth, the separation between God and humanity that was brought about by sin will be removed.

Also, true fellowship will be restored – not only between God and humans but between humans and nature and within nature itself. John describes there being no more curse (Rev. 22:3), and the prophetic anticipation of the cessation of animosity within the animal world is also described as coming to pass (Isa. 65:25).

Beyond the restoration of complete fellowship, the elimination of the “groaning of the creation” will mean that all that is harmful – decay, disease, death, and suffering – will be things of the past (Rom. 8:21Rev. 21:4).

Read Psalm 8:1-9. What is the message for us here, especially in light of what we have studied this quarter?

The implications of God’s presence on the new earth, and the implications for life there, is immense – especially as science has revealed to us, as never before, the size and scope of God’s creation. The estimated size of the ‘visible’ universe is many billions of light-years wide; however, scientists now speculate that this immense and vast cosmos represents only about 7 percent of what’s actually out there!

And to think: the God who created all that not only died for us but will dwell with us for eternity! At some point, because of the limits of our fallen minds, we have to stop trying to think about this rationally but, instead, fall to our knees and worship and praise the One who not only created us but redeemed us and now promises to live with us for all eternity.



Thursday: Life in the New Earth — 10 Comments

  1. "The estimated size of the ‘visible’ universe is many billions of light-years wide; however, scientists now speculate that this immense and vast cosmos represents only about 7 percent of what’s actually out there!" This only becomes true if one believes in man's theories. The fact is as more powerful telescopes are developed the boundaries of the universe become extended as we can see beyond what we have seen before. This is something that happened with the Hubble telescope. In other words we don't know how large the universe is besides there are some scientists that think it might be endless.

    As for the 7 percent I am wondering if that isn't because of man's insane idea that there is far more dark energy and dark matter in the universe than what we can see. That idea came about because of the necessity to have a mechanism to restrict the acceleration of the spreading universe due to the big bang theory and the concept of inflation which is another fudge factor added to support the big bang (which hasn't been proven).

    Even though there is evidence of black holes and a few other phenomenon, scientists have not found any of that to the extent that backs up their theory. In fact they don't even know what to look for in dark energy. In other words man's theories are just wishful thinking and a lot of hype that is used in an attempt to throw God out of the picture.

  2. To those who overcome, will be given the opportunity to witness what Adam and Eve did not....we will witness the recreation of the Earth made new. Added to this, think of the wonderful experiences we will have when we continue to see God's ongoing work. We will also come to know the size of the universe from our Teacher, but most important of all, will be to sit at Jesus' feet and fellowship with Him and our brothers and sisters. Plan to be there! 2 Timothy 4:8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

  3. The new heavens and the new earth will be a great experience to the raciouse. Seen both by John and Isiah in visions it gives a motivation for me to live there. The great experience above all is that the gap between man and God willl be removed, living in peace and harmony 'the new edens' let's make it a choice to be there.

  4. The grandness of what God has made is beyond any human comprehension, but the evidence is simple and everywhere. Over all the estimated 7 billion inhabitants of the earth, none has similar finger print pattern to another. Isn't that amazing? look around you and at yourself. We can not even understand ourselves and the things we see. The bible is clear that what God has prepared for us, we can not comprehend, we have not even dreamt nor can we. It only requires faith. God help us to exercise faith in ernest.

  5. I have no idea what it is like to live in a world without some imperfection, my imagination makes feeble attempts to appreciate this future reality but by faith I accept this as indeed a reality. The Tabernacle of God, Jesus, will live with us forever. It is a honor that we don't deserve but a loving God will bestows on us. We have to start living with Jesus and each other in love now so that when He returns for us we will just continue the life in a perfect environment. We need to take stock of the life we are living and allow the Holy Spirit to take control and prepare us for that day. May we all be ready to embark on the wonderful, lifetime adventure of living with Jesus forever.

  6. What a day will it be when we'll see our lovely friends whom we separated long long ago. What a day will it be when so-called deadly enermies meet there, the likes of Uriah & David, Isaiah & Manasseh, what would be the first reaction when they meet? I definately will be there.

  7. I just cannot imagine what Heaven will be like. All I know is that it will be a wonderful place and I want to be there.

    The bible tells us that the former things will not come to mind. This leaves me with a lot of questions, such as: will we be able to recognize former acquaintances? will we be able to recall life histories? This could spell happiness for some and torture for others.

    For now I will just bask in God's promises and trust in his words.


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