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Looking Ahead: “Lord of Jews and Gentiles” — 6 Comments

  1. I like this topic, it speaks to the importance of faith. People who dabble in the Law should know that they are stifling faith in the process. They should know that that is also called perverting the gospel of Grace, and also frustrating the Grace of God.
    Sabbath observers should know that the Law is not of faith so why serve the Law if it's faith you are after and you know that " if you are led of the Spirit , you are not under the Law." Gal 5:18. Also Gal 3 v 1-5.

    Sabbath observers should know that they are guilty of adultery if they try to embrace Christ while observing the Law. Romans 7 v 1-6.

  2. Having driven past small hamlets in south west Queensland in arid areas, I have never related similar to the bible as you so eloquently pictured for us with the mental picture of 13 men approaching the town of maybe 4 or 5 scattered houses I have seen. Yes those people would have been curious if not frightened too. - So that the leader could have a discussion with a local woman - 'All that distance and all that time...Just so He can have one short conversation with her, and just so you and I can benefit from this encounter.'
    I have never thought of this story in this way, it is incredible to think how far Jesus will go to help 'me'. Thank you for reminding me in this dramatic way.
    Godbless today, Mrs A Stolz

  3. Thank you brother Gerald for the insight.It is worth noting that the crowd followed Christ despite the challenges of being weary and hungry. They were hungry for the spiritual food did not give up nor complain. It's also a lesson to us that if we commit ourselves to searching Christ and seeking the kingdom of God He will not surely leave us when it comes to our physical needs. as Jesus understood the needs of His followers and fed them, He also understands our physical needs and will not leave us to be consumed, Mat 6:31-33.God bless you


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