Wednesday: Measuring Spiritual Growth

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Just because we deliver biblical information through a public lecture, seminar, or Bible study, there is no guarantee that we have influenced those present in a spiritual way. Many people have attended an evangelistic series, a Revelation seminar, a Bible study, or maybe all of the above. Though they might have gained an intellectual understanding of Bible truth, this doesn’t mean that they have integrated these truths into their lives.

How, then, can we better determine that people who hear what we have to say are being impacted by truth in a life-changing way?

One important way in which we can measure people’s spiritual growth is by asking questions. Asking questions is a good way to gauge a person’s spiritual understanding and growth. It is best to ask open-ended questions. These are questions that encourage an informative answer and that cannot be answered simply yes or no.

Some typical questions might be:

What do you think these verses are saying to us today? How would you share this Bible truth with a friend? How do you feel about God’s promise to you? What changes do you think you need to make in your life, in your attitude toward others, and in how you live in general, because of what you have been studying? How do these truths help you love Jesus more? Of all the things you have been learning, what impresses you the most? What gives you the most hope? The most fear?

Bible studies, as well as other evangelistic presentations, should be arranged in a logical and orderly sequence. That is, the more simple and easy-to-understand studies are presented first, while more complex studies are presented later in the series when the Bible student’s understanding has grown. It is important that searching questions be asked throughout each study to gauge spiritual understanding and growth.

Look up the following verses and consider why a God who knows everything would ask such questions. Gen. 3:913Matt. 16:13–1522:41–46;Mark 9:33Luke 2:46. What does this tell us about how asking questions can be a powerful tool for helping people grow in God’s grace?


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