In Memory of Jackie Locke

We were saddened to hear that our friend Jackie Locke passed away yesterday after battling illness for quite some time. Jackie did some moderating for SSNET until she was too ill to continue. Even then, she would send the moderators a prayer every week, thanking us for our work and asking the Lord to bless us. She will be remembered for her generous Christian encouragement.

I never met Jackie is person but her love of nature, particularly birds and flowers, was something we shared and we often exchanged photos. It was always a pleasure to see her <like> against one of my photos on Facebook.

We miss you very much Jackie. We know from our interchanges with you on the Internet how much you loved Jesus and each one of us, and we look forward to the day when we will meet you face-to-face at the great reunion in heaven.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Rev 21:4.

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About Maurice Ashton

Maurice Ashton is a retired lecturer who lives in Australia. He taught Science and Mathematics at high school level before taking a research interest in Computer Science. He lectured at Avondale College for nearly 30 years before retiring in 2012. He is married to Carmel and they have two adult children and two grand children. Currently Maurice is pursuing a keen interest in bird photography and spends much of his time sitting in swamps observing and photographing birds. He has been involved with Sabbath School Net since about 1997.


In Memory of Jackie Locke — 11 Comments

  1. Jackie thought of others and didn't seek attention for herself. She sought to bring a blessing to others and didn't talk about her suffering. Her nature pictures were always an inspiration and the prayers she offered for the SSNET team were an encouragement. Her thoughts were mostly spiritual and uplifting.

    We knew she wasn't well but most of us didn't know she was at death's door. It was a big surprise to learn that she died. As one of our moderator's said, "Jackie learned to love others more quickly than some of the rest of us, and shared about God when she could, which may be why God let her out of class early."

    We never know how many days we have left to live. When someone dies, it's a reminder to me to establish priorities. Spend time with reading the Bible and seek to be a blessing to others. We will remember Jackie for her sweet, caring spirit.

  2. I never met Jackie personally but I was happy to read some of the comments She had posted and they has made some important impact to me. My take on her Sleeping is, for the days ahead I suggest to the (her) family is to Carefully select a 'Package Wrapper' (Casket if you want to call it) then wrapped Her, the gift that God Has lend us for all these years and Return it to where she came from. So that very soon The Ultimate Maker who is going to make all things New will do His creative work again in giving Her and My Mother along with all those who has been faithful a new and glorified body that sin has no more effect on their lives. I am looking forward for that day.

  3. Ronald as you know casket is another word for treasure chest. There is a parable about a man who found a treasure in a field and gave all He had to buy that treasure. The main application is the treasure is the Word of God. May I offer a dual or secondary application? Jesus gave all that He had to purchase the treasures in the field (Caskets in the cemeteries) so that He could give them eternal life.

    Jackie gave so much in so little time. Maurice I am sure you and Jackie will have a lot of fun in heaven checking out all the birds all over the universe!

  4. I didn't know her but I loved her comments I was just thinking last week How I missed seeing them......I looking forward to meeting her in the Heaven.

  5. May her family be encouraged by knowing that death is "just a sleep in Jesus". She is resting from all her sorrows, labor, and strength. It is just a breath away. Let us all plan to be there in the sky on that great resurrection day.

  6. I knew Jackie from Laurelbrook Academy. Though I knew her health was not the best, it came as a shock to hear about her death. As I read some of the comments, I sense that her life was one of blessing to many others. May the Lord be especially close to her loved ones at this time, and may we each live our lives to bless others, so that when Jesus returns He'll invite us to live with Him in a place that has no pain, sickness, or death.

  7. So Sad to hear that she has gone to rest. May the Lord console her family on this great loss. Death will be swallowed up one, and we all shall see our loved ones again and reign with Christ eternally where death shall no longer be, for this ‎​Ȋ̝̊̅§ our great hope.

  8. To the family of Jackie. Soon and very soon we're going to see the King . No more dying there, no more crying there, because we'll meet Jesus there we're going to see the King. Be blessed and encouraged.

  9. My condolences and heartfelt sympathy to her family and friends. As frail human we get sad on the passing of each other, however we do not sorrow as those who have no hope, we have this hope that burns within our hearts. For in that great getting up morning fare thee well. Until then weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. Her friends and loved ones will be in my prayers.

  10. Oh life is so funny! Is so fleeting! Little wonder av not been readin her comments. She was a social media friend of mine. Always had something encouraging or sympathetic to say. Hoping to meet her on the ressurrection morning. My heart goes out to all the bereaved. May God console us all!

  11. I didn't know her personally either. But I was always so thankful for her work. It was a good work. And to all of you out there who can still participate in this good work...please know that I am blessed by your words everyday. Thank you.


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