Tuesday: The Mission of the Church

The church as ‘the body of Christ’ means that the church is to do what Christ would do if He were still on the earth ‘bodily’.

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It is for this reason that the church as an ‘assembly’ has been called out. The church does not simply have a mission; the church is mission.

Read Matthew 28:19-20. How does it address the issue of the church’s mission?

Mission involves sending people out to speak for God. It is what God Himself did with the prophets of Israel (Jer. 7:25and with the apostles (Luke 9:1-210:19). Jesus sent out His disciples just as the Father had sent Him (John 20:21). The church today can do no less and remain faithful to its calling.

What do the following texts also teach us about the church’s mission? Eph. 4:11-13Matt. 10:5-8James 1:27Eph. 1:6, and 1 Pet. 2:9.

Clearly, evangelism is central to the mission of the church. The church exists also for the edification of believers, for the promotion of true worship, and for engaging in matters of social concern.

Though the church faces many challenges, one of the most difficult is to keep a proper balance in its understanding of mission. On one hand, it would be so easy to get caught up in social reform, and in working for the betterment of society and its ills. While that work is important, in and of itself, it must never be allowed to swallow up the ultimate mission of the church, which is to reach the lost for Jesus and to prepare people for His return. At the same time, too, we need to avoid the extreme of living as if every headline signaled the end of the world and, thus, neglect the basic tasks of daily life. We need divine wisdom in order to know how to strike the right balance.

How involved are you in the mission of the church? In what way could you do more than you are doing? Why is it important for your own spiritual growth to be involved in the church’s calling?



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  1. if we do not engage ourselves in the work of the gospel i truly believe that w're letting God down but one thing that always makes me to think twice is comment in Spirit of Prophecy and i quote, '' in the last solemn work few graet men will be engaged, men of faith and prayer...God will work a work in our day that but few anticipate. He will raise up and exalt among us those who are taught rather by the unction of His Spirit than by the outward training of scientific institutions''Testimonies vol5 pg 80,82 {1882} & GC pg 606 {1911} the question then is will you qualify to be one of these men?

  2. Our core duty is to evangelise.If we fail in this duty we will be lost in our mission.But after you bring them to the fold you must feed them.That is where Fellowship falls in place.
    Both evangelism and fellowship must be pursued in equal strength,otherwise we will gain through the front door and loose them through the backdoor

  3. We are a called out (ecclesia) people that is prepared (made holy, royal and priests)and sent back (on a mission) not to resume the former life style but as representatives of Christ,the one who called us, to demonstrate the power of God unto salvation. This is the mission of the church, to go and teach by the way we now live our lives as we interact daily with others.

  4. We should never forget that one of the reason why we tend not to be effective missionaries is the absence of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The desciples walked with Christ while He was here on earth and they always had issues and disagreements but it was after Christ departed and they were in one accord, on the day of Pentecost, that they received the power of the Holy Spirit and became effective missionaries. We must daily pray for the power of the Holy Spirit.

  5. To me a christian is like a tank of water - unless you allow the water to flow out and be used by others, it will not be useful to anybody. The knowledge that we have acquired, the blessings we receive from the Lord - ought to flow out to others so that new water may flow in. And this becomes a continuous process of flowing in as it flows out.

  6. In order for the church to have an effective ministry, it must be led by the holy spirit, if the majority of the church and leadership are tares according to mattew 13 it is impossible for the church to do what jesus did,it will only do exactly what the pharisees done, preach a counterfeit gospel. A purification of the church must take place!The church then can go on to evangelize the world! Fair as moon clear as the sun and terrible as an army with banners! God Bless.

  7. For thirteen years after I became an Adventist, I had a zeal for God and His people. After I married my husband, we transferred to a big, bustling church that was closer to our home. Even though the church had many interesting activities for the kids, and a wonderful sabbath afternoon program, I began feeling a disconnectedness from God. I've learned over the years it is because I haven't been used. God has given me talents that had grown over time with use in my former church. This new church is so filled with talented people that, although I have offered, I have not been given the opportunity to serve. Because I'm not able to share the gifts God has given me, I find myself dying on the vine.

    God has shown me that performing service is one of the ways He will save me. I just have to find a niche that will allow me to perform His mission.

  8. I believe as long as you leave there is always room for improvement especially in the work of the Lord because remember we are striving to perfection. working for God would help in someone's spiritual life because in order to witness you must study the word and know it and most importantly live the word in our daily lives and once we are determined to live a good christian life these things must fall into place so then while witnessing we are ensuring that our lives would not be a stumblingblock for someone else

  9. We are a church on a commission. Mat 28:18-20. The ecclesia was made to the Jews firt to be the light bearers of this commission. Down the line they did not live up to the standard, and they did fulfill their purpose. The foundation of this ecclesia is Christ and the same ecclesia is extended to our time ( spiritual Isreal) During the time of the apostles the Originator of this ecclesia bade them to got to lost house of Isreal to call them to repentence..Matt 10:5-8. With this view, to who should we evangelise? Bearing in mind that the church(SDA) will have to be purified and probation closes first before going into Loudcry, if as some say that we are to evangelise to the whole world, who will preach during the loudcry and to who?
    Let us remember that God has a special work for the church today as was when He has chosen Isreal. Inspiration sayss, that which (God)purposed to do and accomplish with Isreal His chosen nation, will accomplish it with His church today, that is to propagate the message of salvation to all till all reach to full knowledge of God and grow to the stature of Christ.

  10. find it interesting that in many ways we "Christians" are more dependent upon our power to spread the "Gospel of the kingdom" through the latest technology gadgets rather than the power of Holy spirit. [edited]

    The numbers tell us that 70-80% of our own children reared in "Christian" homes will matriculate into college and in their first semester of college never again cast their shadow on any type of congregation as a born again citizen. And it does not matter if it is a "Christian or non-Christian college. For the balance of life the vast majority of our own children will in fact be, "in all the world". Based on this evidence alone, we have our work cut out for us in going in all the world just to save our children and families! We need to be seeking the lost sheep that have wandered from the "Christian" home that they were reared in. Perhaps what we call a Christian home is not a Christian home at all, herein is where the real problem might lie. Our very foundation is spurious at best. God Save us from our own counterfeit gospel of the kingdom that is no different in effect than the myriad of other counterfeit flavors of the gospels that have equally less effect on the world and especially the insulated (10/40 window).

  11. For us to reach the ultimate goal of the CHURCH MISSION, we have to involve ourselves direct to seek the divine wisdom from God so as to maintain our renewal with Christ Himself.


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