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Menus working again. Thank you for your patience! — 2 Comments

  1. dear Inge
    I am having trouble finding the index for this quarter's lessons.
    Also I am finding the overall print on this 'new look' page to be to be pale and smaller hence harder than before to see and read.
    I am developing cataracts which might be my real problem.
    Godbless today
    Mrs A Stolz

    • Thank you for your feedback!
      "Oneness in Christ" is the index link for this quarter. You can find it in the left Sidebar (which we may eliminate) and in the dropdown menu under Adult SS. (The font in the dropdown menu is currently larger than in the sidebar.)

      Here I thought the default print on the new theme is larger than in the previous version! But you can control the size of the font in your browser. In most desktop browsers pressing Control with the + sign will make print larger. And you can set the default size of the print in percentages. For instance, I usually view most web pages at 120% while younger people are fine with 100% or 90%

      And the font with small serifs is intended to be more readable. I'll have to go back and compare again with the previous font used. We want our site to be as readable/convenient as possible

      It is true that the titles/headers are no longer in bold print but in a different color. Is that a problem?

      I do see that the comments are in a smaller font size and I can increase that. Please compare with the font on the main blog entry. Is it possible you are having problems largely with the comment font and the links in the Sidebars? I can increase those font sizes.

      I'd also appreciate hearing from others on this matter.


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