Monday: A Nurturing Environment

A vital part of evangelism takes place in church every week. This aspect of evangelism is called “nurture” and “incorporation.” We have been very good at inviting people to our churches, but we have not always done so well in the creation of an environment that will encourage them to return and settle into the fellowship. If we are to make disciples, we must give attention to the establishment and nurture of every new Christian.

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What does this mean? “Establishment” gives the idea of setting something up on a firm and permanent basis. It is to help provide them with a foundation of faith and fellowship. To “nurture” is usually explained by concepts such as “to rear,” “to bring up,” “to care for,” “to foster,” “to train,” and “to educate.” When someone accepts the Lord Jesus as his or her personal Savior, all of these areas of establishment and nurture must be applied spiritually and socially within the Christian fellowship. In other words, a new Christian needs to be brought up, cared for, fostered, trained, and educated in the ways of the Lord.

“Fellowship” is key. This is how lives touch and affect one another. People who join a church must be cared for through spiritual fellowship.

What do the following texts tell us about the importance of spiritual fellowship among believers? Why are these things especially important in the case of new believers, those who have come into the church through our evangelism and outreach? 1 John 1:7Acts 2:4211:19–2320:35; and Rom. 1:11-12.

The word we in 1 John 1:7 impresses upon us that although we are to walk in the light as individuals, we are to walk in the light together. If believers walk in the light, there will be fellowship and unity. Consequently, there will be a nurturing environment where people are focused upon God’s will for their lives and the encouragement of one another along the Christian path. While it is important to help new members be happy and contented in church, it is also important to lead them to become disciples in the fullest sense of the word, which includes developing the ability to lead others into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Does your church have an intentional focus on the establishing of new members? How can you become better involved in helping to nurture new members (or even “old” ones, for that matter)?



Monday: A Nurturing Environment — 3 Comments

  1. A nuturing enviroment: "and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrines and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayers" (Acts 2:42). "Then we will not turn back from you; revive us, and we will call upon your name" (Psalms 80:18). We must believe in order to recieve. Only Christ can nurture, we are his tools in shaping our lives and of those around us.

  2. Nurturing would be caring for someone by offering food or drink or a place to relax and visit, having conversations with a person about God to encourage faith. Hugs, praying together with someone who is discouraged, calling them if you haven't seen them in a while to say you have missed them.


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